Friday, October 18, 2013

Simaltaneous withdrawal and onset

[1] SWM is still prevalent in lower latitude.[i.e below 21 Deg North].  The less strengthen SWM winds at upper level form a UAC near Srilanka. 

[2] This UAC is pumping easterlies in to TN region.

[3] This may lead to a formation of low in SE bay.

[4] This is expected to give copious rainfall down south TN.

[5] Two anticyclones along 22 or 21 Deg North  latitude one in the west end  and other in the far east end of India is creeping. up

[6] This may lead to simultaneous withdrawal of SWM and onset of NEM by 22 or 23 Oct 2013.

Heavy T showers in and around Nagercoil

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 3.40pm, Sunny hot n humid, formation of T. pic 

Nagercoil (S tip Tamilnadu) - PHOTOS of today's HEAVY T showers at around 3pm ...    -- 

Showers to continue over S Tamilnadu and S,central Kerala.

S-W #Monsoon is withdrawing in a fast pace ... here's the Withdrawal line of Monsoon over #India ... 

Remnant circulation of #Phailin persists in mid,low levels over East India ... less showers expected due to this ... 

Today morning, the W.D trough was along Kashmir... and will move East in next 6hrs.
Along with the eastward movement of W.D trough, all remaining rain will be wiped out from E,central (even from N-E) India in next 3 days.

2:30pm, T showers seen over S,central Tamilnadu, S,N Kerala and along S coast Karnataka ... 
RT @pvvn4u: Slight shower in Kannur, #Kerala and a cloudy weather. @weatherofindia 

Nagercoil - 3pm, HEAVY T showers for the past 30min and continues even now.
More heavy rain ahead for S,W Tamilnadu and over S,central W-ghats of Kerala during next 24hrs.

S Bay circulation persists and #Monsoon is near for Tamilnadu coast

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 10.30am, Clear blue skies, Sunny n hot.. Rain, Rain come again.. sky pic @ Varthur lake 

#Chennai - 2:40pm, #HOT and Humid with low cloud formations and Deep blue skies (sign of new weather front moving in).
Wind is from N-E.
#Chennai - 2:30pm, Lots of mini showers seen ALL around city. 
Mini T-cells visible in E,N-E over Sea, sign of N-E #Monsoon.

Today as well the S Bay elongated circulation persists ... 
GFS, the S Bay circulation is expected to consolidate in next 24hrs and start moving towards Central Tamilnadu coast 
WRF model suggests, that the S Bay circulation to intensify slightly and track towards Central Andhra coast on Sunday