Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting warm & humid

Recent satellite images showed lot of cloud activity over southern bay and near 5th parallel. Even South-south-tamilnadu had some share of scattered mild showers.
we are experiencing near 30 deg temperatures and bit more humid than previous weeks.
Certainly for the past 4 days the minimum temperature was not at all low.
Today, morning it was fully cloudy and warm.
Now(29-Jan-09, 11:35AM) the humidity is on the higher side 65% and temperature is rising steady at 28.8°C.

Are we nearing the end of winter season or something else..??
We might have a localized shower or two in next 72 hrs.
GFS models suggest nothing and will remain so.
MJO forecast suggests still we are in a mild wet phase... and will continue till 10-Feb-09.
Here is the long range precipitation forecast till June-2009.... It suggests a more than normal rainfall for Western Peninsular India.