Thursday, December 19, 2013

Malout - 7:20pm, "COLD and overcast, NO fog yet"
#Chennai - Today low temp, IWM-Polichalur = 20.4 C (6:34pm), Nungambakkam = 20.9 C
Bangalore - records 14.7 C today morning.

3:30pm, S,S-W Bay along Srilanka continues to be active.. cloudy and warm weather over S Tamilnadu, S kerala persist
A moderate W.D system is expected to reach N,N-W India on Saturday, 21-Dec.... 
A low level circulation is also expected to pop over N-W,central Rajasthan on 21-Dec... 
and expected to drift N-E

The upcoming W.D is expected to push moisture upto E Uttarpradesh and into Bihar as well on 22,23-Dec.
This will increase the day temp.
On Saturday, snow expected over Kashmir, N Himachal and rain over Punjab, Haryana ... 
Due to W.D, from 21-Dec to 24-Dec, the day temperature over N,N-W,N-central,central,East India is expected to be normal or above it.
Today, Chandigarh - Airport recorded a low temp of 5 C in North India.

In South India, Bijapur records a low temp of 8 C today morning.

In East India, Phulbani also records 5 C today morning.

1:30pm, Thick FOG can be seen over most of Punjab, W,central Haryana, N,N-W,central Rajasthan...
1:30pm, FOG also seen over some parts of Uttarpradesh as well.