Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TN coast to experience another showery night ... ... except for Kanyakumari coast. No rain there yet!!
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COLA's latest run model also suggests very-very heavy showers for Chennai and North TN coast for 36 hrs.. ... Heavy rain activity along Gulf of Mannar and Northern tip of Srilanka.
Satellite at 5:30pm IST, shows Heavy showers along central, south-east coast of Tamilnadu ..
Chennai - Heavy cloud formation from East and south-east.
Chennai - Drizzling started now 6pm
NCMRWF - also predicts very heavy showers for north TN coast starting from evening of 16-Dec .. .. as of now the rain rate is bit subdued over north TN and south Andhra coast. Heavy rains in 24hrs for this zone
Satellite at 2:30pm IST, shows heavy downpour along central & south coastal Tamilnadu ..
Chennai - Heavy cloud formation has started over east... we'll in for more showers after 4pm.
At present the remnant of cyclone "ward" a LOW pressure system is along central TN coast ..
Chennai - 100% Will get very heavy showers, why?? how?? ..
Chennai - will get 100% very heavy showers soon ... watchout.. NO time fixed for this to happen. Nothing for next 1 hr.
Chennai - Schools declared holiday... but NO rain from midnight.
Schools in 10 districts (includes Chennai) along Tamilnadu's coastline has declared closed for today 16-Dec-09.

"96B" to "05B-Ward" and now LOW pressure system moving north-west

"96B" to "05B-Ward" and now a remnant of Cyclone "ward" just a LOW pressure system moving north-west towards Central & North Tamilnadu coast.
Cyclone "ward" tried to enter into Srilanka for 2 days and then re-emerged as a LOW pressure system along its north-east coast and then moved north-west. The LOW pressure system is located near Central Tamilnadu coast.

This kind of movement was predicted by COLA-GFS model on Saturday,12-Dec-09.
Now COLA predicts very heavy showers along central TN coast for next 24hrs and then the LOW pressure system moves north along the coast and very to very heavy showers predicted along North-TN coast in next 48 hrs.

Schools along these coastline has been declared closed for today 16-Dec-09.

Latest satellite shot at 8:30am IST::
Shows the LOW pressure system with heavy & huge cloud mass over Central TN