Thursday, October 04, 2012

"Today raind.heavily in kolkata.for 1 hour" from our reader in #Kolkata
7:30pm, Strong showers seen over W-N-W.Maharastra ! 
RT @adityamujumdar: Heavy Rain! #Pune. Thundering and lightening! (5:20pm)
#chennai - Today till now is having a CLEAR & Hot day with less humidity. Showers expected again from 6-Oct.
Rain expected to continue along W,S-W.Maharastra during next 48hrs ...

From 6/7-Oct, showers are expected to spread over South Peninsula (S.Karnataka,S.Andhra and into Tamilnadu) ..

Meanwhile scattered showers over N-E states to continue beyond 9-Oct..!
Showers expected to start again over S.Karantaka & S.Andhra from tomorrow evening ... 
Strong winds from W-N-W is seen over N-W,N,Central India at upper levels .. expected to persist for another 3 days.. 
Showers along Coastal,W,S-W. Maharastra  till 8/9-Oct ...

Low level circulation persists along Maharastra coast ...

Offshore trough along Maharastra coast is strong and expected to persist for another 36hrs ..

On 6-Oct, a fresh Low level circulation is expected to pop over N.Karnataka & N.Andhra .. and expected to drift W-S-W..

On 6-Oct, a fresh circulation is expected over N-corner Bay !.. 
3pm, Heavy rain seen from N,N-E.Andhra to South N-E states touching Orissa, S.Chatisgarh and S.Bengal...

3pm, showers also seen over N,central-coastal.Maharastra due to a circulation along Maharastra coast ..