Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another active phase of SWM

 Watch the cross equatorial flow and its strength

This may lead to another active phase of SWM

As reported from a SHIP
(13.60N 59.90E)
Wind speed at 12 UTC 16 Aug 2014 was
34 knots or 18 m/s from 230 degrees or SW
The South Indian Ocean high pressure system is in vantage position. 
 Again a chance for active Rf over west coast below 13 DEgree N and above 09 Deg North.
Delta districts in TamilNadu may get heavy rainfall

Today, low,mid-level circulation persist over Bihar and its trough dipping south upto S-central Bay ... 
A weak mid-level circulation seen over S-central Bay and a weak upper-level circulation over S-S-W Bay... 
A weak upper-level circulation also seen over N Bay along S Bangladesh coast .. expected to drift into S Bengal in 18hrs and vanish !

The mid,upper-level circulation over S-central Bay is expected to become well marked in 24hrs and drift West towards N Tamilnadu coast.
On 18-Aug, mid-level circulation is expected to cross N Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai... 
Meanwhile, upper-level circulation is expected to drift into central Tamilnadu coast on 18-Aug ... 
The upper-level circulation is then expected to pop into Arabian sea along N,central Kerala coast on 19/20-Aug.

Moderate / Heavy scattered rainfall ahead for N-W,N,N-E,N-central-coast Tamilnadu, S Karnataka, and S Andhra during next 2 days !
#Chennai - evening, late-evening showers expected on today and Sunday as well !

Heavy scattered rain to continue over Bihar, N,central Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha on today and Sunday ... 
Widespread HEAVY rain for N,central zones of N-E states of India to continue during next 2 days!
Along W,S-W coast of India.. scattered rain expected only along S Maharastra coast and Karnataka coast during next 2 days.
Scattered rain expected over S,S-E,E Rajasthan and over parts of N-W,W,central,S Madhyapradesh in next 36hrs.
Chennai - 5:50am, light/ moderate rain has pushed into parts of N,NW city, suburbs.
Long drizzle ahead for most of the city this morning.

#Chennai - Check out the accumulated rainfall RADAR plot till 8:30am today...
Lots of rain around City ...