Sunday, July 08, 2012

An UAC has formed over Chattisgarh/East MP. and the low pressure extends into the 850 hpa, 700 hpa and 500 hpa levels.

By Monday 9th, the UAC will persist at 700 hpa and 850 hpa and track westwards.
Monday: Heavy rains in MP, Chattisgarh and commencing by evening over North Konkan. Rains also medium intensity over UP. Medium rains in adjoining Vidarbha and Orissa.

Tuesday 10th:
The UAC will travel westwards. A classic case of an upper level trough detatched and forming south of the "main" sea level monsoon trough.

By Tuesday, the UAC may track over MP/Gujarat, with heavy precipitation over North Gujarat and West MP, and North and South Konkan and South Gujarat coast.
Torrential rains on Monday night/Tuesday in the Indore/Ujjain/Dewas regions.
Heavy rains over the Western Ghats in Maharashtra.

Wednesday 11th:
The system moves into Kutch on Wednesday, and weakens.The SW Monsoon set to adveance into Kutch.
The UAC will weaken subsequently, but on Wednesday/Thursday, the precipitation can move into coastal Sindh and Karachi on a lesser scale. SWM can move into Karachi by 10th11th July.
Meanwhile, rainfall decreases in the rear of the UAC.

Some rain expected in Karachi on Tuesday/Wednesday, when the day temperatures can drop to 31/32c.
Sukkur can also expect cloudy weather on Tuesday/Wednesday. Maybe very light drizzles in some areas. But day will be hot at around 42/43c.

The Monsoon axis in the North has now strengthened, and with the Low embedded, we may see heavy rains along the UP plains and Utteranchal.
Nepal will get heavy rains from Wednesday thru Saturday.

Almost negligible rains in interior Maharashtra and Karnataka (Mon thru Wed)....
for more and city details check on Vagaries..

Near to Chennai, now 11:27pm there are 2 T.showers seen. One 85km s-w and another 80km s-s-w from city.

Today, the vertical velocity is high over Central, S,S-E coast. Andhra, N.Tamilnadu and #chennai ...

Vertical velocity along S,central coast.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu , #Chennai will be high till midnight today.. T.showers expected in these zones.

For next 24hrs, vertical velocity along Coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Lakshadweep will be high. Sharp showers forecast.. 
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3:30pm, Showers seen over Jaipur, N-W, coastal Maharastra, S.coastal Karnataka, N.Kerala , E.Madhyapradesh.. 
Offshore trough along S-W coast persists and slightly weak near N.Maharastra coast...

Offshore trough will persist & deepen slightly in next 3 days.

Low level circulation seen over W.Uttarpradesh.. and it's expected to vanish in 24hrs..

Monsoon current is getting strong along central,N.Arabian sea and seen reaching Gujarat, Maharastra, Goa, Karnataka..

Today, Monsoon current is weak over S,central Kerala, Tamilnadu and #chennai..

Latest by today morning, the Monsoon has covered MOST of #India ..

In next 24hrs, the monsoon current will be strong along S-W coast even over Kerala coast ..

Along W,S-W coast, the Monsoon current is expected to become strong and continue till 11-Jul and beyond..

Medium level circulations seen over Jharkhand & Bengal ...

Circulation in Upper levels (UAC) seen over N-E.Arabian sea along S.Gujarat & N.Maharastra coast ...

A new medium level circulation is expected over E-Central Madhyapradesh in 24hrs ... this may extend upto upper levels..

Upcoming central Madhyapradesh circulation is expected to become strong & move West towards Gujarat & S.Rajasthan,10-Jul 
#chennai - had a partly cloudy day till 2pm. Now 3:33pm good sea breeze has set in from E-S-E upto a height of 0.3km above sea level.

#chennai - now have cloud formations... Today's max. temp was 36.0°C at 2:40pm
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RT @theanujtiwari: @weatherofindia 2-3 hours has been raining in Lucknow. 1:50am

RT @rajugana:  Baroda 9.30am, Dark clouds from SW.. passing... as just passing clouds and Not raining.... just drizzling sometimes.

From 8pm, N.Tamilnadu just 120km S-W of Chennai got heavy T.showers. now 1:40am it has crossed into sea.