Friday, November 18, 2016

#NoRainNovember continues for many zones of Tamilnadu and Chennai

6:30pm, HEAVY widespread rain over Srilanka, and a rain band is nearing SE-coast tamilnadu .. 

The elongated circulation persists over 5th parallel South Bay .. and this is pushing HEAVY rains for Srilanka and some to SE coast TN ..

GFS model doesn't expect this circulation to intensify, but may move North during next 2 days as an elongated circulation itself..
But, CMC model suggests otherwise.. it indicates intensification and moving into / along SE,E coast of Srilanka in 2/3 days ...

During next 42hrs, Moderate showers expected along SE-coastline and T showers over S-tip Tamilnadu, S Kerala ...
Next 3 days, HEAVY flooding rains possible for NE,E,SE coast Srilanka and #ALERT for S,SW Srilanka !

#Chennai, N,NW,central Tamilnadu to have COLD nights, mornings and Dry day on Saturday, Sunday ! 
#NoRainNovember continues !
Below normal night, morning #November temps to continue over N,central,SE,S peninsula for next 2/3 days ... #Chennai too ..