Thursday, July 29, 2010

1.NUWE - got it right


The models which failed to predict today’s chennai rain



Rainfall up to 8.30pm
Chennai (Nungambakkam) – 18 mm
Chennai (Meenambakkam) – 33 mm

Mumbai (Colaba) – 56 mm
Mumbai (Santacruz) – 25 mm

Bangalore – 39 mm
ISRO – 28 mm

Agumbe – 97 mm
Mahabaleshwar – 34 mm
Ambala – 23 mm
Chennai - Heavy sharp showers continue even now 7:50pm in Saidapet
Chennai - "This is a typical July evening trend for Chennai"... heavy showers now 7:33pm in Saidapet.
In 48hrs, the present low level circulation along N. Andhra coast will move North and will remain over N. Orissa.
In 24hrs, Heavy showers forecast for central & coastal Andhra and S-W peninsula coast ...
For next 24hrs, the Low & circulation associated with it will prevail along N. Andhra and Orissa coast ..
6:30pm, Showers over N & N-E Tamilnadu and Madhyapradesh...
6:30pm, Heavy showers for Total Maharastra, S. Chatisgarh, N & S. Andhra, N-E Karnataka...
6:30pm, Heavy widespread showers all along coast from Maharastra to South tip of Kerala ...
This is how Chennai harvested rain ...
Chennai - Showers at same time (around 7 and 7:30pm) for the 3rd consecutive day.
Chennai - Sharp showers in saidapet now 7:16pm
@tamannamishra >> "Agumbe" coastal Karnataka... one of the rainiest place in South India. That'll be our choice.
Twin solution for energy generation and waste disposal ...
RT @miyz1: Heavy rains delay salvage of crashed Pakistan plane Reuters - Heavy monsoon rains in Islamabad ...
RT @EcoSeed: Study shows solar energy installations is cheaper than electricity from nuclear plants solargridparity
RT @ash2barthwal: high glory monsoon, The whole of Assam has turned into a bright green valley.Lush.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda,9.45- Sunny with passing clouds, no rain for the past 24 hrs.
RT @ScionAvid: 29th July 2010 and its raining cats and dogs in Islamabad. OMG~I hate Monsoon coz of this water standing everywhere.
More widespread heavy showers for Maharastra coast from 31-Jul till 3-Aug... And another Typhoon in the making over Pacific around 4-Aug-10
S. Kerala will experience less showers from 30-Jul... till 3-Aug-2010
The present LOW along N. Andhra & Orissa coast will persist along Orissa coast till 1-Aug-2010 ...
Early morning, Heavy showers along Karnataka coast and N & N-E Andhra...