Monday, May 26, 2014

Vellore - T showers nearing at 6:30pm

Vellore - 6:25pm, "T shower is nearing the town"

Chennai - 6:30pm, a T shower is nearing Vellore town.
More rain seen from 80 to 150km over W-S-W from Chennai city 

#Vellore - 6:59pm, "Heavy T shower now"

Bhopal - 3:30pm, "it start raining in Bhopal (mp)"

Forecast on 92B, Arabian sea circulation and Monsoon onset

During next 24hrs, the low-level trough from the existing 92B will dip S-W upto S-E Arabian sea... 
Tomorrow, there can be 2 low-level circulations, one will be remnant of 92B over Jharkhand and another over S Madhyapradesh.
Tomorrow as well, the trough will drop S-W from S Madhyapradesh upto S-E Arabian sea at low-levels... 
On 29-May, the inland low-level N-S trough will re-establish again from Bihar to N,N-central Tamilnadu... 

Monsoon update ::

S, S-S-W Arabian sea is expected to pop a circulation in next 1 or 2 days, but GFS model did not expect this to sustain !
Weak monsoon current is expected to make a presence along S Kerala coast, S tip Tamilnadu on 30/31-May, rain expected 
Models expect a strong circulation over S-S-E Arabian sea on 1-Jun ... this may further delay the monsoon onset !! 

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs ::

Today before midnight, Heavy rain due to 92B will sweep further upto N,central Chatisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand and S-E,E Uttarpradesh as well.
From now, showers over S Bengal will go down and more rain ahead for central,N Bengal even till midnight tomorrow 
From now and before 12am, T showers expected over N,N-E,N-central Tamilnadu, S,W Andhra, S,central,E,N Karnataka.

Already getting reports of T showers from Bangalore 5:05pm.
RT @RajanRamaswami: @weatherofindia Now at JP Nagar V Phase Bangalore heavy rains with thunder started.. (5:06pm)
Chennai - 5pm, Heavy T showers seen over W,W-N-W from city at 175km, 120km and 80km ... 

#Chennai - W,S-W,N-W suburbs can expect a T shower pushing in from W-N-W on today late evening and tomorrow evening.

35% chance of rain.

Under the influence of 92B, Most of East India (Odisha included) can expect T shower activity till 28-May... 
More T showers ahead for w-ghats of Kerala, W-ghats Tamilnadu and W-ghats of S-W Karnataka on today, tomorrow.
S kerala coast, S tip Tamilnadu coast can expect early morning showers on tomorrow as well due to Monsoon current !

Weather Instagram at May 26, 2014 at 04:02PM

#chennai - after reaching 38 C now its around 35, with good sea breeze. #weather

from Instagram

92B is inland over Odisha coast.

92B effect.
Kolkata - 1:43pm, "Mass Thunderstorm hits Kolkata
120mm/hr rains lashing kolkata now 
winds 20km/h"

LOW pressure 92B has pushed inland into Odisha coast around early hrs of today ... 
Today, a low-level trough from this 92B is seen dipping South upto S-E coast of Tamilnadu ... 
92B is expected to weaken and drift N-N-W during next 24hrs and then push N-E into N Bengal zone on 28-May ... 

2:30pm, Heavy rain due to 92B is seen over central Chatisgarh, Odisha, Bengal, Jharkhand and into Bihar ... 

Some weather snippets from 25-May.

rajugana May 25, 10:05am via Web
@weatherofindia Bangalore 10.00am, Overnight rains and wet roads, ideal lazy Sunday morning.Sun is peeping out a pic

Its raining at my Home Town Arani Tamilnadu with heavy winds cc @weatherofindia

#HOT 40s of 25-May...
Jaisalmer = 42.3C
Barmer = 43.6C
Rajkot = 42.3C
Akola = 43.8C
Nizamabad = 43.4C
Sholapur = 43.5C
Kurnool = 43.4C

Odisha heavy rainfall due to Low "92B".. 
Kalingapatnam­ 23 cm
Balasore­ 21
Contai­1 6
Bhubaneshwar,Digha,Cuttack­ 14
Chandbali­ 8
Gopalpur­ 7