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Chennai - Temperature now 9:34pm... 25.5°C and getting down slowly.
COLD TERROR :: Cold wave continues in northern India, 535 dead ...
Delhi fogged out for third consecutive day .. VIDEO ...
RT @TITTIPRICE: tear gas during UNdistribution in haiti
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Genetically Modified food will be ruling the world in future ..
Bt Brinjal ...
Remedy for "treated effluent" posted by one of our reader ..
Awareness of need for growing mangrove plants increased in Kanyakumari district ..

Awareness of need for growing mangrove plants increased in Kanyakumari district

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NGOs have raised saplings on the banks of Rajakkamangalam estuary

Nagercoil: Awareness among the fishermen community of the need for growing mangrove plants has gained momentum in the coastal areas of the district after tsunami devastated the entire coastal environment in Kanyakumari district.

Indeed it has come as boon to them, as its root held the boulders intact, wherever the Government has constructed anti-sea erosion walls or groins to prevent the sea erosion.

A cross section of the tsunami-affected people in the coastal villages of the district said that that the district administration in co-operation with various non-governmental organisations came forward to raise mangrove plants in estuaries in the coastal areas of the district after tsunami, because in few places where there were mangroves, the damage caused by the tsunami was very low throughout the State when compared to other coastal areas.

Besides raising 50,000 mangrove plants to the length of 8 to 10 km in Manakudi estuary, non-governmental organisations in consultation with various environmentalists have raised saplings (mangroves) on the banks of Rajakkamangalam estuary to the length of 2 km and around the ponds within the premises of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University’s Marine Centre for Biotechnology in Rajakkamangalam.

Mangroves in Kanyakumari district, especially in Manakudy and Rajakkamangalam estuaries acted as a strong barrier to the pillaging effects of the giant waves. Mangrove plantation, wherever it was possible in the coastal areas of the district, was one of the programmes after tsunami hit the entire coast among several other programmes were developed for preventing and managing nature’s fury.

Mangroves protected the seacoasts, estuaries from heavy wind and storms and their roots withheld the silt and the clayey soil (Manavalakurichy) thus preventing soil erosion.

The mangrove forests also helped in the maintenance of bio-diversity. Migratory birds like pelicans, painted storks, cormorants, darters, cranes and indigenous storks visited the estuaries and roosted in the mangroves. Bird droppings enriched the water body and it could be seen in the catch of fish, prawns and more than 5,000 kg of white prawns were harvested by the fishermen in and around Manakudi in a year.

The district administration in co-operation with various agencies had been decided to raise mangrove forests in Eraiyammanthurai estuary and on the banks of Anantha Victoria Marthanda Varma channel near Manavalakurich, where one could see lot of sand dunes.

Remedy for "treated effluent"

Posted by Mr.Anonymous...

Tiruppur is said to be Indian Manchester for garments. Dying units there are ancillary units to knitting and garments manufacturing. Effluent treatment requires huge investment [in the light of present day technology]and additional man power. Moreover the treated effluent leaves permanent scar on land and water. But there is one remedy for that.
[1] Puthiyamputhur is a small town in Ottapidaram Taluk, Thoothukudi district. This Puthiyamputhar has the distinction of having more skilled labours in garments and knitting work,including villages Kulathur,Surangudi,Maniyatchi, Pasuvanthannai etc. [Even now most of the skilled labours from this area are working in Tiruppur]
[2] Puthiyamputhur is 23 Km away from Thoothukudi.
[3] 24 hours uninterrupted power supply is available. To some extend assured water is available from the big ponds [Pachari Kulam, Malar Kulam etc]
[4] The nearest coast is 20-25 km east of this town and treated water can be let into sea. Sea will not be so polluted compared to river.
[5]Best education institutions including professional colleges are available in and around the town.
(Palayamkottai via Sivalaperi is only 48 km]
[6] Best hospitals are available in Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli.
[7] Thoothukudi-Madurai is a National Highway and Puthamputhur is roughly 10km South of NH from Kurukkusalai.
[8]Thoothukudi is well connected by rail, road , air and sea.
[9] In deed the sea port is very close to this town and it is a boom for industrialist venturing in this land.
[10] The barren land scape between Maniyatchi and Ottapidaram will be ideal for establishing effluent treatment plant and with out any pollution effect the effluent can be let into sea. This may require lesser investment. (Even the heavy water plant at Thoothukudi after effluent treatment is letting water into sea)
I request entrepreneurs and knitting factory owners to try venturing at Puthiyamputhur. This is another alternate option for them to get rid on the worries of effluent treatment etc. Further their business will flourish like any thing and their foreign trade will be becoming more easier and more cost effective.

Bt Brinjal

Posted by Mr. Anonymous...
Genetically Modified food will be ruling the world in future. Even the so called crafting in Mango trees is also a form of gentical modification. This has resulted in good yield and best taste. Applying the same Technic in advanced manner will definitely yield better results. Time will come to support Bt Brinjal.
Chennai - Good sea breeze is causing heavy low cloud formation over south suburbs of Chennai. Small possibility of a local shower in south.
RT @anitakc: RT @CNN: 'Hope for Haiti' raises $58 million and counting.
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whether to clear genetically modified crop Bt brinjal for commercial use ??? ..
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Heavy fog engulfs Delhi, air, rail traffic hit ...
Dense fog continues to disrupt rail, road & air traffic in North India ..
Around 29-Jan-10, A good western disturbance will move over North India and more showers for South Tamilnadu ..
RT @megan0ad4: Oh my god! If rain deficit goes above 22%, Agriculture growth may go down to -6 % from 2% and India's GDP growth below 5%! :(
RT @GJRO: $60 million+ raised in the Hope for Haiti last night!!! My $10 was apart of that =)
Showers predicted for South coastal Tamilnadu from 26-Jan-10 ..
A feeble western disturbance over Jammu & Kashmir and neighbourhood moving away east-northeastwards.
Maximum temperatures are below normal by 11oC over isolated pockets of east Uttar Pradesh.
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Chennai - A mild morning compared to previous 3 days.... 22.0°C (6:20am) ..