Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sri Lanka Faces La Nina's Wrath: Devastating Floods leave 21 dead, One million displaced

Some of my Sri Lankan friends requested this post to highlight the humanitarian crisis in the country that every day is escalating into almost the scale of the Tsunami disaster.

The troubles of Tamil population in East Sri Lanka appears never ending. The heaviest rain in 18 years flooded Sri Lanka left about 11 dead. Mudslides caused by heavy rains and floods in Sri Lanka have additionally killed around ten people.  These floods were especially bad news for people in the east, who in recent years have also endured a civil war and a tsunami. The Disaster Management Center said more than 1 million becoming homeless.

As humanitarian agencies get ready to swing into action, we hope that this post will provide a preliminary insight on the scale and challenges of the response and also what climatic factors is responsible for nightmarish floods simultaneously in Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka.

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Flooding in Australia

The airport, the Bruce Highway, and large swaths of Rockhampton, Australia, remained under water on January 9, 2011. Days of rain pushed the Fitzroy River over its banks, inundating parts of the city near the Queensland coast. Damage to the Bruce Highway was not confined to Rockhampton, as ABC News Australia reported other parts of the highway were expected to remain under water for some time.
In this image, acquired by the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite on January 9, 2011, isolated islands of cityscape poke through murky brown flood waters. The Fitzroy River cuts through the upper right quadrant of the image and, just west of the river, relatively high land remains above the flood.
Rockhampton was just one of many Australian communities reeling from floods. Farmers along the Sunshine Coast were stranded by high waters that washed out roads. Authorities in Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city, told residents to evacuate in anticipation of the worst flooding in several decades.
Another western disturbance will start affecting W. Kashmir from 17/18-Jan again ... more snow days to come.
Western disturbance for Kashmir, Himachal from today till 16-Jan... Heavy snow/rain possible on 14,15-Jan...
Medium showers or drizzles possible for S, S-E coastal Tamilnadu from today till 17-Jan.. due to "90B".
UAC "90B" is expected to move slowly in S-W direction and then towards WEST on 16-Jan... a slow moving and stubborn rain making system.
UAC "90B" over S-W Bay lying close to S-E Srilanka... for the 3rd day now ...
Chennai - Today morning records 18.7 deg C
Pre W.D. rise in min temperature over NW India on Wednesdsay...