Friday, November 09, 2012

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 10.00pm, Foggy morning & Yet another Sunny and hot day, with no cloud formations., rainless week.

Vagaries' events sequence till 18th November, estimated on 9th November, Night:

1. A low ( BB-11) can form in the Bay, East NE off Sri Lanka, around the 10N line, by the 14th/15th of November. Initial pressure 1006 mb

2. Tracking West/North-Westwards, centre  will Strike Northern Sri Lanka by the 15th, and move into Tamil Nadu between Ramanathpuram and Nagapattinum by the 17th of November. Indian coast hit pressure 1004 mb, as a depression.

More on Vagaries..
#Delhi - is not expected to touch 10 deg C mark till 17-Nov.. it'll linger around 14/15 deg C.
Night temp. over N,N-W, Uttarpradesh and N,central Madhyapradesh will go down towards Diwali and beyond that.. 
3pm, Strong showers seen over S-extreme Kerala, S,S-E Tamilnadu ... 
Showers for S,S-E Tamilnadu, Kerala & coastal Karnataka to continue till 10/11-Nov.

Till 11-Nov, No significant rain expected for rest of Tamilnadu & India !

Latest COLA model also suggests a S.Bay LOW on 12/13-Nov... 
A weak W.D will affect W,S-W Kashmir from tonight for next 24hrs.. NO significant Rain/snow expected from this.
Both IMD & NOGAPS suggest a new LOW will pop over S-E corner Bay on 16-Nov.. 
IMD-WRF model suggests the N-E monsoon current will pick strength along entire Tamilnadu from 12-Nov, with a circulation over S.Bay.

Here's the WRF model for 12-Nov...

NOGAPS model also suggests the same as of WRF model.. Easterlies reaching Tamilnadu coast & LOW over S.Bay ..

IMD GFS forecasts suggests a circulation over S-S-E Bay on 12-Nov and it'll track N-W..  
#chennai - Having a Hot & DRY day.. Max. temp. was 32.4°C (11:56am)... Day is somewhat similar to a day in March!
RT @aknarendranath: More rain forecast in South Peninsula till month-end @weatherofindia