Friday, May 25, 2012

Dengue death toll goes up to 32 in Nellai; one dies in Tuticorin (S.Tamilnadu) .. disaster
NO relent in HEAT for S,S-central and S-E India till 1-Jun.. Monsoon over Kerala will reduce the temp after 3-Jun..
@vasuphani >> chennai at 8pm will have moderate humidity, HOT around 30 to 33 deg C, mild DRY breeze from West and NO sea breeze. IPL
RT @iaravindh: @weatherofindia raining in electronic city, bangalore (5:03pm)
IMD :: Conditions are favourable for further advance of southwest monsoon into
some parts of Maldive and Comorin area.
Monsoon current / Somali jet is picking up strength and good Cross equatorial winds can be seen over S,S-W Arabian sea..
Chennai records 31.7c as the Minimum..some sort of a minimum record probably. 

 - With Westerly strong winds upto 1.5km height , there is very little chance for Sea breeze to set in!
Strong Westerly or N-W winds will continue for next 2/3 days for entire Andhra, E,central.Maharastra, #chennai, N,S.TN. 
IMD models suggest a 2/3-Jun Monsoon arrival , while COLA models suggest a 1/2-Jun Monsoon arrival
Very less T.showers possible for W.Ghat Kerala, S,S-W Karnataka and Tamilnadu as we move into last week of waiting before Monsoon for Kerala
The fresh W.D will be active over Kashmir, Himachal and N.Punjab till 27/28-May.. 
#chennai - Due to this high winds from W-N-W, T.showers in afternoon may not form & sustain, unless a very strong Sea breeze sets after 2pm.
Moisture along S,central Kerala coast will be on higher side from Today till the Onset of Monsoon..
#chennai - at 12:40pm.. temp. was 39.0°C... winds around is giving a mild relief !
As expected #chennai is having stiff winds from W,W-N-W .. Winds are prevailing upto a height of 1.5km above Sea level. 
12pm, a fresh W.D is making its way into S-W,W Kashmir..
12pm, South west monsoon is making progress S.Bay almost now have covered entire Andamans..
On 24-May, highest max. temp. of 46.9 deg C was recorded at Rentachintala (Andhra Pradesh)