Thursday, February 02, 2012

Entire Coastal Tamilnadu and chennai can expect a Cloudy and warm morning from 3-Feb to 7-Feb.. ...
W.D is nearing N-W India and Easterlies nearing S. Tamilnadu and N-E Srilanka ...
Hail storm may occur at one or two places over Punjab, Haryana, north Rajasthan
and west Uttar Pradesh on 3,4-Feb
On 7-Feb, some showers possible for S. Tamilnadu due to easterlies ... ..
The upcoming W.D is expected to move S-E into Nepal on 7-Feb and it's expected to travel upto Sikkim ..
Heavy rain and snow to start over N-W kashmir from tonight ..
After this upcoming W.D for N-W India.. a COLD wave is on cards for N,N-W India from 6-Feb..!
Strong easterlies will reach S. Tamilnadu coast and Srilanka by tonight and will continue till 7/8-Feb ..
A strong UAC can be seen along with easterlies over S-E Bay .. which is NOT expected to intensify ..
chennai and N. Tamilnadu coast can expect cloudy Days from today till 7-Feb as strong Easterlies approach Srilanka, S. tamilnadu
chennai - having a mild day with breeze from E-N-E, Low cloud formations around and Temp. now 1:32pm is 28.2°C