Monday, July 04, 2011

Chennai - rain started now 11:51pm over polichalur
chennai - a sharp shower is now over poonamalle zone. Soon it'll be over S-W chennai
UAC forms in the Bay. The monsoon axis line shifts south, and the eastern end dips in the Bay towards the UAC. Heavy rains expected in coastal Karnataka in line with the UAC.
Thai Met Dept weather map commits it as a Low (1000 mb).
Evening, Lots of T.showers scattered all over S.central, S,S-E peninsula ... Heavy showers along Kerala coast ..
RT @AlertNet: Flash flood kills 25 in southern Philippines
Chennai - now 7:34pm, having good strong Sea breeze from E-S-E and we have T.showers over W-S-W of chennai around 90km from center.

Kollur again tops South India Rainfall with 200 mm rainfall

Its total rainfall is around 280 cm in this monsoon

It has got above 10cm rainfall 11 days out of total 34 days and above 8-10 5 days.

Top 5 SWM till 04.07.2011

  1. Kollur, Karnataka - 2797 mm
  2. Cherrapunji, Meghyala - 2246 mm
  3. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra - 2164 mm
  4. Agumbe, Karnataka - 2014 mm
  5. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra - 1952 mm
  6. Kadra, Karnataka - 1945 mm

Will Kollur topple Agumbe or Cherrapunji this season for the year end....its possible

Chennai - good low level Sea breeze has started a hour back at 4pm... No cloud formation yet !
Greenpeace hypocrisy hit its nadir ..
Chennai - Touches 33.2 C (3:05pm) .. with NO sign of sea breeze till now 3:10pm... present wind is from N-W
Showers for S-E peninsula including Chennai will last till 7-Jul.
Very heavy showers forecast for Orissa, N-E Andhra for another 48 hrs ... due to upcoming N-W Bay circulation ..
COLA model predicts that From 8-Jul the Monsoon Arabian sea wing will go into another long Break ...
A circulation will take shape over N-W Bay along Orissa in another 12 hrs and move inland in W-N-W direction ..
Today a circulation is getting organized over N,N-W Bay... that's why heavy cloud formation seen over W, N-W Bay..
Chennai - will have high cloud cover till 3 or 4pm and will clear after that. Today also T.showers expected after 5pm.