Friday, April 25, 2014

Finally after 4 days period, today's temps are below 40c mark (except Karjat & Bhira) in North Kokan !

But still it is hot & above normal temp!

Some max temp from the region below dated (25-4-2014):

Thane temp 38.2°C with min humidity of 14%.
Badlapur temp 39.4°C with min humidity of 19%.
Karjat estimated temp 41.5°C with min humidity of 13%.
Bhira temp 43.5°C

Palghar temp 35.3°C with min humidity of 34%.
Mumbai temp 33.8°C with min humidity of 47%.

Chennai, max temp of 37 C expected till 30-Apr.

#Chennai - 3:40pm, Temperature at 35 C with stiff Sea breeze from E-S-E and humidity at 49% ... 
#Chennai - Till 30-Apr, The day temperature is expected to be around 36 / 37 C.
Days will have less wind till 2pm and Sea breeze will set in

Widespread T showers for N,central zones of N-E states from 26-Apr.

T shower activity is expected to become HEAVY and Widespread over most of N,central N-E states from 26-Apr ... 
The low-level circulation over N Bengal, N-E,E Bihar and N Bangladesh zone will increase the T showers over N-E states from Saturday !

Today's analysis show a very-low, low-level wind discontinuity can be seen from S-W Bengal to E Maharastra to S-W Maharastra, N Karnataka..
.. and the low-level trough drops south from N,N-W Karnataka to S Kerala and S Tamilnadu ... 

During next 2 days, low-level circulation is expected to persist over N,central Bengal, Bihar... and it's trough is expected upto S Kerala
During next 2 days, the low-level circulation is expected to persist over N-central zone of N-E states !
A weak low-level circulation over Gulf Mannar and S Tip Tamilnadu persists and expected even till Monday !! 

Today again, more T showers expected over S, W-ghats Kerala and over S Tamilnadu... 
Today, late evening and midnight... T showers expected for S,S-W,central,N Karnataka into S Maharastra and N,N-W,N-central Andhra.
Today, T Showers also for N-E Andhra and into Odisha as well.
Today - Midnight or early hr showers expected for S, S-S-E coast Tamilnadu.
Slowly N,N-W India is also heating up ...
Bikaner = 40C
Guwahati = 40.6C
Barmer = 42.6 C
Allahabad = 41C
Bhuj = 41.2 C
Bankura = 42.8 C

#HOT 40s of 24-Apr...
Jamshedpur = 41.4C
Kolkata = 41.2C
Bhubaneswar = 42.8 C
Akola = 42.1 C
Hanamkonda = 42.4 C
Rentachintala = 43.4 C

Tamilnadu, #HOT topper ...
#Chennai (AP) = 36.4 C
Dharmapuri = 39.6 C
Karur = 39.8 C
Madurai= 38.6 C
Thiruchirapalli = 40.8 C
Vellore= 38.8C

#HOT at 12:30pm...
Nagpur = 43 C
Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow = 39 C
Delhi, Thiruchirapalli = 38 C

At 12:30pm...
#Chennai = 37 C  (feels like 42.1 C)
#Bengaluru = 37 C  (feels like 38 C)

 Tuticorin - 12:25pm, HOT and Humid ...

RT @uzair432: @weatherofindia Showers in parts of hyderabad. Temparature plunges down to 25c. 12:19am