Saturday, October 02, 2010

RT @iDeskCNN: Tropical cyclones leave 100,000 families affected by flooding in Mexico:
12pm, Early showers all along S. andhra coast and all Coastal Tamilnadu..
Yesterday Kanyakumari district got battered ..
The LOW pressure area which will form over S-E corner Bay on 3-Oct and will whirl Westwards and make landfall over N. TN coast on 7 or 8-Oct
RT @naveenks: With 102% rain, monsoon ends on good note ... India recorded 912.8 mm rainfall compared to the normal of 892.2 mm
Low pressure area & circulation over S.Arabian sea persists more than a week now.. and it'll persist till 5-Oct..
A minor Low pressure system along N. Tamilnadu coast, this is causing N-E monsoon like weather along N.Tamilnadu coast..
Chennai - More heavy cloud formation seen over N-N-E and N-E... more showers possible before evening.
Chennai - Seems like a North east monsoon morning... had a good early Thunder shower form N-N-E at around 9:30am
Yesterday Kanyakumari got battered

Thuckalay - 82.0 mm
Agastiswaram - 63.5 mm
Kurunthancode - 41.0 mm

expect Kuzhithurai to get similar to Thuckaly
Kuzhithurai (Marthandam) - Heavy showers lashed from 3.00pm to 6.00 pm - expect above 5cm tomorrow