Thursday, May 06, 2010

11pm, Massive showers over central Tamilnadu and it's slowly spreading to South TN as well..

The W.D. Effect

Temperatures have dropped. to some extent in the Northern region and North-West.The W.D. has had the desired effect on the day temperatures. The IMD map of 6th. May shows the "better off" regions spanning from the North-West towards the Central regions.And the intense heat restricted to the Central regions.
Highest temperature in India at a few places was 44c today.
Mumbai was partly cloudy at night, but clear throughout the day. The high was 34.8c at Colaba, and 34c at S'Cruz. Humid and sweaty, thats the weekend for Mumbai.
W.D. effect will precipitate rain for a day more in the North.
South I see the rain tapering off in Tamil Nadu. Light convectional rain for pockets in Kerala for the weekend. 
But some internatonal forecasts show a local vortex forming off  Mangalore on Saturday, when the city can expect heavy thundershowers, and upto 30/40 mms of rain.
7pm, Heavy shower over N-N-E of tamilnadu and some isolated showers over to W-S-W and to North of Tamilnadu ..
7pm, Isolated thunder cells over N-W Orissa, N-N-E Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Chatisgarh, S. Andhra, S-central Karnataka..
Chennai - At 5:24pm, Squally weather in southern suburbs of Chennai!
Kolkata had a freak isolated shower at about 4:30pm.
Posted by a reader of "Hailstorm clouds developing to the west of Chennai!!! "
Thunder cells popping out all over South Andhra.
RT @debjeet1438: Its raining to beautifully here in kolkata !!
RT @ePandu: And its raining in Kolkata
RT @debjoy: Raining in Kolkata...
@TapanMohanta >> Is it raining Now?? if possible pls upload a snap shot from there. Thanks
Chennai - touched a high of 38.2°C (11:16am) and now 4:17pm its at a moderate .. 33.9°C
Entire Bay from North to SOuth is very active today also .. ... How long will it continue? Any circulations coming up??
3pm, thunder cells over M.P & Chatisgarh border, Jharkand and N-E Andhra.. N-E states as usual ..
3pm, Cloudy Punjab, Kashmir, Haryana, Himachal and showery uttaranchal..
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Mumbai minimum today at 28c. But starting of "cooler" NW breeze raises hopes of a better day. Now,10 am, temperature at 31c, and hope the NW breeze keeps it pegged at 33c today.
Mahableshwar minimum at 19.5c today, and day may rise to 31c there.No thunder activity visible for Maharashtra today.