Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Meanwhile, most places in N,N-W,N-central India is having below normal night temps...
Allahabad = 10 C
Delhi = 9 C
Lucknow = 8 C.

Badlapur today had a cool morning after a long time, 17.2 C.
Pune, Nashik = 12.5 C
Mumbai = 21 C.
For N,N-W India, a weak W.D system is expected to affect from tomorrow mid-morning... 
And another W.D trough is expected to affect N,central Pakistan and N,N-W India on Sunday, but less rain forecast for Indian zones!

Tomorrow, rain or snow expected over Kashmir and N Himachal due to W.D.
Analysis indicate the S Bay circulation is now along 5th parallel South of Srilanka ... 

GFS expects the present circulation to drift West along 5th parallel to S-E Arabian sea.
GFS also expects a fresh circulation along central Tamilnadu coast in the easterlies and rains expected to expand.. 

Both NAVGEM, GFS models expect the easterlies to affect coastal, interior Tamilnadu, Chennai from Friday morning.. 

Today, from now and before midnight... scattered T showers expected over S-tip,S Tamilnadu and some into S Kerala as well.
Heavy rain expected to start along S-E,S Tamilnadu from tomorrow evening ! ... 
From Friday morning, heavy rain expected for S-E,central-coast, S,central Tamilnadu.

central,S-E, N-central coast of Tamilnadu is in for HEAVY rain on Friday, Saturday !
#Chennai and N-coast Tamilnadu is expected to get showers only on/from Saturday morning or noon !

Weather Instagram at November 26, 2014 at 02:27PM

Nagercoil - 2:15pm, after a warm noon, now getting ready for a evening T shower. #weather

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Weather Instagram at November 26, 2014 at 02:25PM

Karaikal - 8:24am, " Dark as evening here ".. Showers expected to start from tomorrow afternoon. #weather

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