Thursday, March 18, 2010

A fresh western disturbance may affect Jammu & Kashmir region from 21st onwards
North-south trough runs from east Uttar Pradesh to south Orissa across Jharkhand at 0.9 Km above mean sea level ... this is creating Showers
Maximum temperatures above 40:: Barmer-42.6, Jodhpur 40.0, Deesa-41.0, Idar-42.0, Gandhinagar-41.5, Bhuj-41.0, Rajkot-40.5 and Baroda-40.10C
Minimum temperature are above normal by 4-80C over many parts of northwest, adjoining central India and Gujarat
Scattered Heavy showers in Orissa on 17-Mar ..
Today also some showers continue over Chatisgarh, Orissa and North Andhra..
Chennai - Clear skies with temperature around 34 deg is predicted for next 3 days.
Maximum temperature fell at one or two places over Telangana, south Coastal Andhra Pradesh, South Tamil Nadu on 17-Mar
Chennai - Morning also NOT warm .. 23.7°C (6:35am) .. this temp. is COOL as compared to other places in Tamilnadu and SOuth India.
Chennai - Today also just touched a NOT so HOT max temperature of .. 33.1°C (11:19am)