Saturday, November 29, 2008

The last of "NISHA" - Chennai: 28CM rainfall

Chennai Airport received 28cm of extreme heavy rainfall till 8:30AM, 28-Nov-08.
Now "Nisha" is just a LOW pressure and dissipating fast over south-interior Andhra & parts of East-Karnataka.
It was pouring over those area, yesterday (29-Nov-08).
Water logging in draining slowly.
We are receiving some intermittent showers from Yesterday morning.
Evening it was heavy.
Today morning also it was heavy.
Now (2:15PM) also we had a sharp shower.
Still the Cloud movement is from south-east, as long as this does'nt change we'll continue to receive more rains.
Latest satellite pic...

We are tracking a Numeric model for another Cyclone over the south-bay.