Thursday, August 18, 2011

RT @samyuvi046: @weatherofindia now here(ramapuram) thula rain stopped (8:43pm)
Chennai - 8:38pm, Wind direction has changed to S-W. Now the rain system is dying over central Chennai.
RT @samyuvi046: @weatherofindia now raining little bit here@ ramapuram
RT @samyuvi046: @weatherofindia now raining in ramapuram, nesapakkam nd guindy to porur way :-)
RT @rams_j: @weatherofindia @LawyerSundar i am in chamiers road, raining here
RT @mehtajiger: Raining heavily @Chennai traffic on Nungambakkam standstill. But loving the Rain. Chennai
RT @aaroo4: Whoa.. Its pouring like crazy.. Not seen this kinda rains in long chennai (8:08pm)
Chennai - Massive shower now 8:06pm is sweeping into Chennai city from N-W ...
RT @drjagadesh: @weatherofindia its rainin in chetpet chennai (8:01pm)

Rainfall Toppers in Tamil Nadu from 1.6.2011 to 18.8.2011

Rainfall in mm (min 500 mm)

1. Chinnakallar (Coimbatore) - 3488
2. Devala (Nilgiris) - 2508
3. Sholayar (Coimbatore) - 2037
4. Valparai (Coimbatore) - 1982
5. Parsons Valley (Nilgiris) - 1611
6. Naduvattam (Nilgiris) - 1498
7. Upper Bhavani (Nilgris) - 1465
8. Porthimund (Nilgiris) - 1393
9. Periyar Dam (Theni) - 1086
10. Glenmorgan (Nilgiris) - 922
11. Emerland (Nilgiris) - 898
12. Upper Kodayar (Kanyakumari) - 784
13. Pykara (Nilgiris) - 730
14. Lower Kodayar (Kanyakumari) - 666
15. Mukurthy (Nilgris) - 531
16. Eravangalar (Theni) - 511

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7pm, Heavy widespread showers over N.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh and entire coastal Maharastra and isolated overS.Jharkand..
Chennai - 7:05pm, A sharp shower may brush Northern suburbs of Chennai in another 10 min
Chennai - 6:08pm, sharp showers over Chromepet to Camp road connection road.
Today, 1 hr back a T.shower originated South of Chengelpet (Tamilnadu) and then moved East (unlike past 3 days) ..and now it's over Sea.
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Raining in Mumbai since 4.00pm... Skys are still over cast!
Heavy and scattered afternoon T.showers to continue for S.Andhra coast, N.Tamilnadu coast till 24-Aug and beyond..
Showers over E.central India will dry off from 20-Aug.
Heavy showers along Karnataka coast, N.Tamilnadu, N.TN coast, S.Andhra coast to continue for another 48 hrs ..
A good circulation is expected to pop over E.Madhyapradesh in 24hrs... expected to move W-N-W and produce fresh rains.
A weak circulation can also be seen over central Uttarpradesh ..
Today a weak circulation can be seen over N.Tamilnadu and along S. Andhra coast ... Heavy rain possible in this zone..
Chennai - Surprise .. a thunder cell has formed over Sea just off coast 3:41pm, Sea breeze has set in and having good cloud formation.
Chennai - take a look at yesterday's strong T.shower which traveled all along West suburbs ..
Chennai - for the past 3 days.. T.showers developed and drifted SOUTH and never crossed into Sea.
Chennai - a HOT & HUMID day so far 1:26pm, NO sea breeze yet !! Today as well T.showers expected towards evening.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.50am, No rain yestday. It is sunny and humid with partly cloudy sky..looking for next wet spell...