Friday, April 10, 2009

Chennai during "92A" and "93B"


Yesterday morning it was like a mild monsoon day without rains. Lot's of potential electric clouds were visible around 11 AM and after that nothing materialized.

High temperature was 34.0°C (10:46am).

Today (10-Apr-09) it's mildly humid now (8:52am) as compared to yesterday.

Low temperature 28.8°C (5:47am) is getting high as well... signs of things to come, only good thing is still the air temperature is mild.

Today humidity will be around 65% and there's a remote chance of mild showers late afternoon.

Potential "92A" and now "93B"

Yesterday's (9-Apr-09) potential low pressure system "92A" located just south of southern tip of Indian Mainland has caused more heavy rains thruout southern Tamilnadu and Southern Kerela.

We have reports of very heavy rains over night from Kanyakumari district and from some parts of Southern Kerela.

It seems the system "92A" is no longer valid. And now it's "93B" that too has formed around that same location.

Take a look at the potential "93B"20090410.0230.meteo-7.vis.93B.INVEST.15kts.1010mb.4.4N.82.2E.100pc.jpg

And latest satellite shot shows more rain for the same southern districts of Tamilnadu and Kerela.


Latest GFS predictions show, that the rains will linger around southern districts till end of Monday(13-Apr-09). Moreover the area around southern Indian ocean (3rd and 4th parallel) is going to be very active for next 1 week. The correct area is around south-west of srilanka and direct south of India.


We'll update the rainfall records later in evening.