Thursday, December 11, 2014

Easterlies update for South India coming up after 11pm.
"Another easterlies is expected to affect Tamilnadu coast from 16-Dec, Tuesday"
Present easterlies moisture is expected to travel North into central, N-central India!!.
A mid,upper-level W.D trough will do this !?

At present there's a weak mid-level W.D trough from N-central Pakistan and dropping South upto N-E Arabian sea.. 
By evening of 12-Dec, the mid,upper level W.D trough is expected to strengthen... 

This will pull the moisture from present Easterlies over South India into W,central,E-central,N-central India in next 2 days.
This W.D trough will drop a low-level circulation over N Gujarat, S-W Rajasthan in next 6hrs and will travel N-E.. 
The W.D trough is expected to drift East, the low-level circulation will push upto Delhi,N-W Uttarpradesh on 14-Dec 

From noon, Friday...
T showers expected to pop over N-W,W,S,central Maharastra, N,N-W,W Karnataka and into S,S-W Mahdyapradesh.
Before morning, mid-morning of Saturday ...
Showers expected to push even upto N,central Madhyapradesh and S Uttarpradesh.
Tomorrow, scattered heavy T showers expected over N-W Karnataka and Goa ... 

Weather Instagram at December 11, 2014 at 04:46PM

Chennai - 1:30pm photo. After early morning showers it was humid and no rain till now 4:45pm. #weather

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