Sunday, August 10, 2014

SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN weather indications

Kenya wind

As reported from MOMBASA
(04.03S 39.61E 55m)
Wind speed at 12 UTC 10 Aug 2014 was  80 knots or 41 m/s from 110 degrees or ESE.


The above global imagery INDICATES that SWM activity is centered below 15 Degree Parallel [Between  Ratnagiri and Visakapatinam axis] 

More rains for Karnataka, Kerala and even too TAMILNADU

CHENNAI will get rainfall

SWM RF is slowly gaining and reaching NORMAL

Weather Instagram at August 10, 2014 at 06:32PM

#chennai - 6:31pm, raining now over chromepet zone. #weather

from Instagram

Today, the North Bay low,mid-level circulation has drifted inland and now over Jharkhand, W,S-W Bengal .. 
This low,mid-level circulation is expected to move W-N-W upto N-E,E Madhyapradesh, S Uttarpradesh and fizzle out over central UP in 48hrs

On 12/13-Aug, S,S-central Rajasthan is expected to pop a good mid-level circulation and may drift E-N-E ... 

Today, the upper-level circulation is seen over N,N-E Odisha and adjoining Jharkhand... 
This upper-level circulation may weaken in 24hrs and linger into N Chatisgarh and then into E UP, W Bihar in next 2 days .

4:30pm, Showers continue along Karnataka coast, Kerala, T showers over N-W Tamilnadu ... 
4:30pm, Heavy rain over S Haryana, N-W Uttarpradesh, S Odisha ...

Today, the upper-level circulation persists along N-central coast of Tamilnadu ... 

More showers forecast for N-W,N,N-E,central Tamilnadu, #Chennai before 12am today !

#Chennai - 4:25pm, a T shower system is approaching Arakkonam zone at around 70km N-W from #Chennai city .. 
#Chennai - 4:50pm, a T shower is nearing from W-N-W ... expected to affect West, N,N-W suburbs before 6pm.

Almost a similar upper-level circulation is expected to pop again over S-W-central Bay on 13-Aug and move west .. 

#Chennai - evening of 9-Aug

Gou2amAug 09, 5:53pm via Mobile Web (M5)
@weatherofindia rain clouds approaching chennai...hoping for some heavy

OMG look at the sudden change of climate in#chennai @weatherofindia

#Chennai - evening of 9-Aug, got scattered light rain...
Nungambakkam 3mm
Airport 4.4mm
IWM Polichalur 4.8mm