Friday, March 28, 2008

Tropical Depression "92B"

We are tracking a tropical low pressure system "92B".
For the past week the southern bay of bengal was very active.
Past week's tropical disturbance was due to the sudden rise is sea temperatures over the south bay. Take a look at the past week and present sea temperature...

Now coming to the tropical low "92B"...first take a look at the satellite pics of last 3 days and now.

This system is quiet a huge one with good moisture feed from the rising sea temperature. The upper cyclonic circulation over the south central bay is still there...this will make the system to sustain.
However some numeric forecasts predict that the system will die down in another 3 days almost near the same location. Anyway keep your fingers crossed till next 48 hrs.
Take a look at the US Navy picture of the sysem.