Sunday, July 28, 2013

#Chennai - Round 2, 10:30pm

#Chennai - 10:33pm, Round 2, a T.shower now moving into W-S-W suburbs of city. Drizzling over Polichalur zone.
RT @fabwrite: Heavy rain in #Mandavelli #Chennai @weatherofindia @chennaiweather 10:52pm

#Goa - today

RT @sanjeevnaique:6:23pm,  Its heavily raining in #Margao in #Goa this evening. Heavy #rain with high wind.@naikap #Goa @weatherofindia
1. Axis shifts Northwards from Monday.
Very Windy along Maharashtra coast and in Madhya Maharashtra.
2. Next 2/3 days, very heavy rainfall regions indicated (green), medium Heavy (Purple) and Moderate (Blue).
3.Southern Rajasthan/Adjoining Gujarat (Southern Udaipur District) gets heavy rains for a day.
4.West coast upto Surat, bit more active on Tuesday (40-50 mms at some stations).

Mumbai gets chance to catch up on 2000 mms on Tuesday. Tuesday sees a slight increase over Monday, with 30-40 mms on Tuesday. Will it reach 2000 mms before 30th morning then ?
Delhi NCR sees some heavy showers on Tuesday night.

Vagaries' Chart here..

Chennai - rain, Round #1

Chennai - 5:20pm, moderate rain now over Polichalur zone.

RT @alan_j_s: @weatherofindia raining in Egmore now. (4:44pm)

RT @senthilvijay: @weatherofindia Heavy rain now in north #Chennai #Tiruvottiyur (4:53pm)

Bangalore - evening rain

RT @karaikudy: @weatherofindia  Oh No!! Rains!! evening walk gone! raining heavily!! #Malleswaram #Bangalore 4:28pm

RT @karaikudy: 4:40pm heavy rain 6:10pm see  beaming SUN makes it English Summer! #Malleswaram #Bangalore Glory! 

Chennai - 3:40pm, showers seen over W-S-W, S-W from city at around 40km. Rain will push into suburbs soon.

Analysis, 12am, 28-Jul - "More rain ahead for Madhyapradesh, S,S-W.Rajasthan"

Latest analysis show that, low, mid level circulation is seen along N-E.Madhyapradesh, N.Chatisgarh, E.Uttarpradesh.. 
During next 24hrs, the circulation is expected to be over South of Kanpur and along N-N-E.Madhyapradesh and weaken.. 

Due to this circulation, High vertical velocity expected along E,N-E,N and central Madhyapradesh during next 36hrs.. Heavy scattered rain !
Today, due to circulation over N-E.Madhyapradesh... Heavy rain witnessed over E,N-E,N.Madhyapradesh and into E,N-E,S,S-W.Rajasthan.

During next 24hrs, high vorticity seen over S,S-W,S-central Rajasthan.. more rain ahead ! #Good... 
On Monday, Heavy rain expected over central, S.Madhyapradesh and N,N-E.Maharastra ... 

Rainfall forecast
Till Sunday evening, Heavy scattered rain over E,central,W.Madhyapradesh, S,S-W.Rajasthan and over central gujarat . 
Good rain expected to continue for Karnataka coast, S.Maharastra coast till Sunday evening and less rain expected till Tuesday.
From Sunday evening to Monday evening, scattered rain expected for N,N-E,S,S-W.Madhyapradesh and into N.Maharastra as well.
Into Tuesday morning, some rain expected to push into #Delhi, N-E.Rajasthan and W.Uttarpradesh.