Saturday, November 28, 2009

Satellite shows the cloud formations over Bay, east of TN coast .. which is the predicted Dec-1 weather front ..
NOGAPS model also predict showers for TN coast from early morning of 1-Dec-09 ..
Chennai - Rains are predicted from early morning of 1-Dec-09..
Chennai - Today it is an extended cloudy day.. may be due to the approaching WET weather front..??
Seven new dengue cases in Delhi, total 1,061 ..

"Agumbe" or "Chinna Kallar" ??.. wettest place of South India

Reader :1
Agumbe has a annual rainfall of 7500mm
Reader :2
AGUMBE no doubt is also a wettest place. Chinna Kallar some times exceeds 7500 mm mark. There were reports that Chinna Kallar received nearly 9000 mm rainfall.[Subject to verification]
Agumbe is close to 15 Degree Parallel and Chinna Kallar is at 10Degree Latitude.
[15 degree Latitude is considered to be the SW wind core ]
No doubt AGUMBE deserves to be the wettest place which is in KARNATAKA
Chennai - If the weather front from Bay is moving in then we shall temperature, wind, humidity and cloud formations will change from Monday.
Chennai - Bit heavily cloudy at this time and will clear out around 1pm.
Climate change too real ..
Delhi recorded a minimum of 11 degrees Celsius, a notch above the average ..
India volunteers 25% Green House Gases cut by 2030 ..
When this DRY MJO phase exits around 10-Dec-09, Bay is going to host a perfect LOW pressure system ..
Surely a wet weather front is moving towards north TN coast from East around 30-Nov-09 ..
“China has given nothing away” in climate change .
Singapore PM Lee to attend UN climate meet, urges Commonwealth to engage in issue ..
PM discusses climate change issue with Sarkozy, Brown ..
COLA-GFS model still holds to the WET december 1st week for north TN coast ..
A perfect clear south-south India ..
Chennai - Thru the day it'll be mild with dry winds and some useless cloud formation.
Chennai - Morning low temperature 23.8°C (6:32am) and felt like 20 deg... dry cold wind from North-north-west.