Monday, October 15, 2012

RT @0SGR: ThunderStorm, Lightning, Heavy rain  in kochi. @Weatherofindia 10:23pm

RT @ramprakash74: It's raining heavely in #hosur @weatherofindia 9:23pm

7pm, T.showers seen over S,S-W.Karnataka, N.Tamilnadu and S-central.Kerala ...

7pm, Showers seen over W,S-W.Kashmir, and Cloud cover now into Punjab & N.Rajasthan..

RT @alex_pandian: It is raining steadily for past 2 hours though not heavily #BLR .sufficient for good qty in Cauvery for TN (7:50pm)
Present W.D affecting Punjab and Kashmir are expected to continue till 17/18-Oct..

Almost NO rain forecast for entire N-E states from Today !

Heavy rain for W.ghats of Tamilnadu & Kerala to continue till 17-Oct..

After evening of 16-Oct, rain will shy away from N,E.Tamilnadu .. due to the push of N-E monsoon current from Bay.

S.Tamilnadu to get more heavy rains till midnight of 16-Oct.
A high pressure system is expected over N.Bay on 19,20-Oct.. 
Easterlies is slowly pushing into E, S-E.Bay today as of 5:30am..

Today, the S-central Bay Anti-cyclone has weakened and it'll vanish in another 12hrs..

IMD-WRF model predicts that N-E monsoon current will reach N.Tamilnadu coast by noon/evening of 17-Oct...

IMD-WRF suggests a low level circulation along S-E Tamilnadu coast on 17-Oct.. this will boost the N-E current..

IMD-GFS suggests a circulation to pop over S-E Bay on 17-Oct and it'll move West .. 
#chennai - a strong T.shower seen near Chengelpet, around 45km S-W from city.
RT @raoathreyas: @weatherofindia cloudy weather in blore right now.. Cool but less breeze wind movement (1:48pm)
#chennai - 50% chance of getting a T.shower today, after that Almost No rain forecast till evening of 17-Oct.
N-E Monsoon to reach Central,N.Tamilnadu coast on early hours of 18-Oct... 
High Vertical.V over S.Karnataka, Entire Tamilnadu, and into Kerala .. Heavy rain ahead for these zones..

Very heavy rain for S,S-E.Tamilnadu expected before 12pm of 16-Oct..

Showers are expected to clear from Tamilnadu after 6pm, 16-Oct... due to N-E monsoon current rushing towards the coast. 

12:30pm, Heavy cloud cover with rain continue over S.tip Tamilnadu, and W.D is breaking into N,N-W.Punjab & W.Kashmir..

12:30pm, Heavy rain also seen over Lakshadweep Island group.
8am, Heavy rain seen over S.tip of Tamilnadu ...

RT @rshivaag: @weatherofindia TUTICORIN witnesses a no space rain from 5AM. First day in this year. 

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 8.35am, After the overnight rains, today it is cloudy, wet, n cool, monsoon kind of feel.