Sunday, May 01, 2011

Line Squall

Squall lines generally form along or ahead of cold fronts and drylines and can produce severe weather in the form of heavy rainfall, strong winds, large hail, and frequent lightning.

Squall lines can extend to hundreds of miles in length, simultaneously affecting several states at a time. They also can travel quickly -- at speeds up to 60 mph.

Squall lines typically form in unstable atmospheric environments in which low-level air can rise unaided after being initially lifted (e.g., by a front) to the point where condensation of water vapor occurs. Heat is released during condensation, resulting in the rising air becoming lighter than nearby air at the same height. This leads to an increase in the speed of the rising air which sometimes reaches speeds above 30 mph. In models this initial lifting is specified through an idealization of the flow associated with the front or other lifting mechanism or through the use of observational flow information.

courtesy: wm2010 : University of Illinois
RT @allthingsilov: At rajamundry,on d gr8 circar is abt to rain.heavy wind..
4:30pm, T.showers over S. Orissa, N-E Andhra, S. Karnataka, Central Tamilnadu ...
@qadberry > Chennai - If cloud formations sustain even after the Sea breeze sets in.. then we are in for a T.shower. Let's hope we have One
Chennai - Temp. around 36 deg C... Now 1:16pm cloud formations getting organized !
Chennai - Having cloud formations from 9:30am till now 1:12pm.. A chance of T.shower if this cloud formations persist along with Sea breeze
CAPE factor will be on higher side along Tamilnadu and Kerala coast for another 24 hrs
Westerlies slowly dipping into S.central Peninsula.. this will cause more Thunder showers along W.ghats, Karnataka, Kerala, AP and Tamilnadu
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 11.25am, yestday 40-28C. Now, some cloud development around
Hail storm in bangalore on 30-Apr-2011 ... VIDEO ..
Low pressure Area in Bay ... "95 B" -- Update #2 .. "moved N-N-E" .. IMD model - "No real threat of becoming Cyclone"..

Low pressure Area in Bay ... "95 B" -- Update #2 .. "moved N-N-E"

Present position of Low pressure area ... 95B
11.9 N and 91.2 E
Pressure and wind speed remains the same.
Pressure : 1004mb
wind : 40 to 45 KmpH
According to IMD models "No real threat of this system becoming into a cyclone"... instead it forecasts another LOW system to pop in this same zone.