Friday, January 01, 2010

Chennai - Today's humidity was slightly on higher side .. now 3:15pm its 64%
Chennai - Like all New year day, today also CLEAR, DRY and SUNNY 29.3°C (2:31pm).. after evening it'll be COLD upto 22 deg Celsius. .. we are presently in WET MJO phase, which will continue till 10-Jan-10.
Take a look at this SST on 30-Dec-09.. that caused Arabian sea system and Heavy showers for Karnataka ..
Education:: Learn more about Sea Suface Temperature (SST) ..
This SST as on 1-Jan-09, may not support the Predicted LOW system forming over South Bay ..
Take a look .. .. SST on 30-Dec and SST on 1-Jan-10 .. .. see the temperature going down.
Both Arabian Sea & South Bay of Bengal Sea SUrface Temperature (SST) has gone down in past 2 days.
A huge circulation is still predicted to form east-south-east of Srilanka on 6-Jan-10 ..
The circulation is predicted south-south Bay just above Equator on 3-Jan-10 ..
A super clear India on New year day, 1-Jan-2010 ..