Saturday, April 20, 2013

During next 3 days, scattered and heavy T.showers expected all along S-E coast of India upto S.Andhra ... 

#Chennai - may (40%) get a T.shower tomorrow afternoon or towards evening.

Kashmir and Himachal to get more rain during next 3 days ... due to a weak W.D ... 

More showers expected for Southern half of Rajasthan, S,E.Gujarat and even for #Delhi, Haryana during next 3 days.. 
4:30pm, Massive T.showers seen over N-E Andhra and into S.Chatisgarh... Showers also seen over S,N.Gujarat... 
Today, 2 circulations visible, one over Uttarpradesh and another over N.Andhra and its extension seen upto S.Tamilnadu 

The E-central and N-central-Peninsular India circulation is expected to persist for another 3 days .. 
3pm, Lots of T.showers has popped over S.Andhra and extreme N.Tamilnadu around 100 to 150km W, N-W from Chennai.

3pm, Fresh T.showers over E,S-E Rajasthan, S.Chatisgarh, N.Andhra, Upper reaches of Uttarakand, Himachal, Kashmir 
@IPL #Kolkata - 2:20pm, is Cloudy with temperature aroun 31 C. T.Showers expected towards late evening. It may not affect the Cricket !
12pm, Most of central,E,N-E India is cloudy with rain over Bihar, Jharkand, Bengal ... 

Today, the E.India circulation is now over Uttarpradesh, N-E Madhyapradesh and its extension seen upto S.Tamilnadu. 

During next 48hrs, Scattered Heavy T.showers expected over most of E.India, Kashmir, Himachal, Odisha, N,N-E Andhra . 

Scattered, T.showers expected for most of N-E,coastal Andhra, N,central,S-central Tamilnadu ... 

T.showers to continue for N,central,N-E Tamilnadu during next 3 days.. and #Chennai is expected to miss all these showers !!
Yesterday's #HOT place in India, highest maximum temperature of 44.0°C has been recorded at Rentachintala (Andhra Pradesh)

An Anti-cyclone has formed over central Bay, from today the HEAT over most of Peninsula and E,E-central India will be lower than normal.

At 12pm, Chennai = 36 C, Nagpur = 33 C, Hyderabad = 35 C, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai = 31 C, Patna = 29 C, Lucknow = 30 C.

#HOT conditions are expected to be below normal over most of Peninsula, E,central India from today till 24-Apr...