Saturday, November 02, 2013

#Chennai - 2:33pm, is experiencing a NO rain "Diwali" day even though the Easterlies moisture is over N Tamilnadu coast.
#Chennai - 2:38pm, Good low cloud formation and movement seen from E-N-E.
Temp now is 32.6 C and Humid !
Showers expected tonight, morning.

HEAVY rain is expected to continue over S,S-central,S-E,central Tamilnadu and over S,central Kerala during next 2 days.
Till evening of Monday, moderate scattered rain expected along N,central Tamilnadu coast and #Chennai.

A good W.D ahead for N,N-W India

Next W.D trough is expected to reach N,N-W India on evening of 4-Nov or morning of 5-Nov ... 
Some heavy rain ahead !

Diwali - Heavy rain !!

RT @kthirumani: @weatherofindia last 2hrs heavy rain in Keelaeral.

Where's " Keela Eral " ??

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1:30pm, HEAVY rain over S,S-E,S-central Tamilnadu, S Kerala and over S Andhra ... 
1:30pm, W.D has almost cleared out from Kashmir.

*** Happy Diwali *** 
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