Friday, July 06, 2012

RT @aghorii: @weatherofindia heavy rains since last 3  hours in hyderabad. it felt like monsoon today.. 10:10pm

RT @ShalabhAr: @weatherofindia Delhi evening

RT @singalnidhi: Just had home made pakodas and tea. Enjoying Delhi rain to the fullest. (7:57pm)

RT @kunaladdvant: The rain gods smile on Delhi. Temperatures plummet..What a beautiful weather. A lovely beginning to the weekend :):)

RT @hdknitro: thoroughly enjoyed Delhi's first rain on the rain on the roof #welcome rain

RT @_simplypulkit_: Finallly the monsoon arrived in delhi too! #happy #rain 
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Heavy rains lash Delhi resulting in water logging in many areas. (7:06pm)
RT @akwaghmare: @weatherofindia #Pune. medium showers in the city for about 2 hours at noon.Very scanty rain in the evening/night for a hour
RT @gaganchauhan90: @weatherofindia it also rained heavily here at chandigarh. 19.6 mm of pre monsoon showers. (from 1:30pm to 3pm, 6-Jul)
4pm, Fresh showers has popped up over Central,E.MP, N.Chatisgarh, Bihar, E.Uttarpradesh,central,N.Bengal, S.Haryana.. 
Today again, high vertical velocities seen over N.Tamilnadu, #chennai , S,N.Andhra .. T.showers possible after 4pm..

#chennai - sea breeze from East seen upto a height of 0.6km above sea level... good component for a T.shower after 4pm.
RT @back2culture: Finally it seems its gonna rain in delhi ;-) (2:37pm)
#chennai - 2:15pm, good early sea breeze has set in ! Before that records 37.0°C at 1:40pm. Now cloud formations seen!
For next 48hrs, Very heavy & widespread rain for ENTIRE E.India ..

Intermittent showers to continue along S,central Maharastra coast, Goa & Karnataka for next 48 hrs..

S,S-W & S-E Gujarat to get some good showers for next 36hrs..

From today the showers over S,central N-E states to become scattered & heavy till 9-Jul..

#Kerala to have less showers till 9-Jul .. or may extend upto 12-Jul ..

Today, Monsoon will reach #Delhi by evening or midnight .. and showers expected to last till 9-Jul.. 
Today, low level circulation is seen over W-Central Uttarpradesh and it extends upto Jharkand in S-E.. 

Today, UAC seen over E.Madhyapradesh & Chatisgarh... And another over Gujarat .. 

COLA suggests that E.India will pop 2 low circulations on 8/9-Jul.. 1 over S.Bengal & another over W.UP near #Delhi.. 

UAC over E.MP and Chatisgarh will slightly drift S-S-W and persist till 8/9-Jul ... 

In next 24hrs, the medium level circulation will consolidate over N.Chatisgarh & E.Madhyapradesh and stay till 11-Jul. 

Along W,S-W Coast.. there's NO UAC or low level circulation expected for next 3 days... the one over Gujarat will vanish in next 12hrs.

The offshore trough along S-W coast persists and it's expected to slightly deepen in next 3 days & weaken again..

Northern limit of Monsoon as on 5-Jul ..

Rainfall till 8:30am of 5-Jul... Heavy rain over East & central India ... 
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia #Delhi had a drizzling dawn, now covered by clouds and humid. Records 30 (10.00am)

RT @gaganchauhan90: @weatherofindia humid morning with 29 degree celsius in chandigar.

RT @prathameshadsul: @weatherofindia no rains in mumbai since morning (9:34am)

RT @rajugana:  Baroda 9.25, Dark clouds looming around yesterday, but not rained ..Today, it is cloudy sky, but sun trying to come out..

RT @malhotramona: @weatherofindia condition in mumbai raining n birds sheltering

RT @nommypaul: Surprised! No rain in #Kerala # Kochi? I think monsoon went Mumbai... There it was pouring 24Hrs (11:33am)

RT @ankit_sharma86: Amazing rain in jaipur......:-) 10pm