Sunday, November 16, 2008


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Regional IMD weather report

Checkout latest IMD regional weather report ...

Another depression soon...

According to latest JWTC tracking of another depression near Vietnam.
See for urself...

"05B - Khai-muk" - Final

WE(Chennai) missed the Minor-cyclone's action.
It moved thru South-Andhra and it was quiet a big cloud mass yesterday evening.
Even we were in its southern band.
That's why we got a typical depression style rainfall yesterday(15-Nov-08, 5PM) evening(starting with mild drizzle & then slightly heavy).
The heavy drizzle continued till 3 AM in the morning.

Now the depression is dissipating fast.
And it's remnence can be seen over interior-karnataka.
We received around 15.2 mm of rain.
Today (16-Nov-08,12:49PM) it's clear and with patchy clouds around.
Humidity is little bit high.
For next 48 hrs we can expect clear skies with some passing showers after Today.