Thursday, July 07, 2011

Kollur cross 3000 mm rainfall in 35 days this monsoon

It has got above 10 cm rainfall 12 days out of total 37 days and between 8-10 cm rainfall for 6 days.

Top 5 SWM from 01.06.11 to 07.07.2011 (37 days)

1. Kollur, Karnataka - 3104 mm
2. Cherrapunji, Meghyala - 2363 mm
3. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra - 2256 mm
4. Agumbe, Karnataka - 2145 mm
5. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra - 2102 mm
6. Kadra, Karnataka - 2070 mm

The lead between Kollur and Cherrapunji is extending day by day. It would be nice to have data of Hulikal and Amboli
4:30pm, Heavy showers over UAC zone, Gujarat and into Rajasthan as well ..
Showers along Chennai, N. Tamilnadu, Coastal Andhra may go down for 2 days from 9-Jul and will be back after 12-Jul !
Due to UAC over C. Maharastra.. Heavy rain forecast for Coastal, Central, W. Maharastra, S,S-E Gujarat in 24hrs,,
Today, UAC is over Central Maharastra and it's expected to move N-N-E in 24 hrs ...
Chennai - Touched a max of 34.2 C (2:49pm)... now 5:18pm having good sea breeze .. No cloud formation yet ! But Rain expected !
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 5.20pm, Dark clouds from SW and it is raining a pic