Friday, June 11, 2010

GFS... very heavy and widespread showers for entire Kerala on Tomorrow, 12-Jun-10... WET weeknd for Kerala...
9pm, Entire South Peninsula is Cloudy and having Showers, showers !!
9pm, S-W monsoon gets into song over entire Kerala and entire S and S-E Arabian sea ...
9pm, Heavy showers over W. Maharastra, N.Karnataka, and entire S. Andhra ...
RT @piyush_veere: @weatherofindia : (Patna,11th june) strange Reddish clouds covered us while the sun was setting??
GFS model still focuses on a D.depression OR even a Cyclone for S. Gujarat around 16-Jun...
Tamilnadu heavy showers on 10-Jun... Puducherry Airport 12, Kollidam (Nagapatinam dt) 9 CM
FULL... Rainfall data of 9-Jun-10.. PDF...
IMD :: Monsoon flow over Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal is likely to intensify during next 2-3 days
Conditions are favourable for advance of monsoon into remaining parts of Maharashtra,Andhra, S.Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Orissa in 3 days.
2:30pm, the cloud mass associated with the circulation over W.central Bay is over S. Andhra (mild showers in that)...
2:30pm, Thunder cells line-up over Orissa, N-E Andhra and over Jharkand, N-E. Bihar...
Southwest monsoon has further advanced into some more parts of central Arabian Sea, most parts of Konkan (including Mumbai)
RT @piyush_veere: @weatherofindia -Patna,3:30pm,My room temperature increased to 39.2 degrees..HELP !! :( -
RT @devswonderland: awesome weather in bangalore IST 10.53am cloudy,cool breeze,dark sky,drizzling indiranagar bangalore @weatherofindia
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RT @sandeepramdasi: Widespread rain/thundershowers would occur over Kerala, coastal Karnataka and Konkan Goa imd monsoon
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RT @teenageorge30: Hai my dear friends good evening,now no rain in kerala please prayer to get a heavy rain.... (6pm, 10-Jun)
RT @Mr_Kayz: Rain Alappuzha Kerala Awesomeness iLove (2:55am)
Chennai - The bay circulation "95B" will move West and cross over Chennai in next 48hrs ...
Chennai - Cloudy, drizzle & showers will continue due to this Low to High level circulation over Bay just E-N-E of chn..
Chennai - Present drizzle and cloudy weather is due to a Early morning thunder storm over Bay just East of Chennai..
Chennai - This cloudy weather, drizzle and occasional heavy showers will continue till Sunday, 13-Jun
RT @jayaramk1983: @weatherofindia: Rain,very heavy rain in Pune! weather (11:56pm, 10-Jun)
RT @GokzTweets: Heavy rains since yesterday night and the drizzling continues. Pondy 07.00am @weatherofindia
GFS predicts a "twin engine" monsoon push.. a powerful Depression over Arabian sea and a LOW over central Bay on 15-Jun.
GFS predicts a LOW forming over Arabian sea just west of Goa and then moving N-N-W as D.depression towards Gujarat (15-Jun) pulling monsoon.
Very heavy and widespread monsoon showers has started along Kerala coast and will peak in 24 to 48 hrs..
Chennai - Mild drizzle continues .. and temp. now 10:28am is at a super cool ... 25.6°C
2010 [JUNE] SWM rainfall pattern ...
RT @Monsoonexpress: monsoon is advancing fast now and so are we...its time to move from stop goa,do write in ...
RT @rajugana: Baroda: 9.30 AM, Sunny, Clear Skies, no trace of clouds. where all the clouds gone? No pre-monsoon showers either !?!
Nagercoil - Got heavy showers from 11pm, 10-Jun till morning ... nearby... heavy rains in Kuzhithurai from yesterday(10-Jun) night !!

2010 [JUNE] SWM rainfall

2009 06 11 / 0000 Z 2008 06 11 /000 Z

2010 06 11/ 0000 Z

(1)Courtesy: Dundee

It has been a talk among amateur meteorologist that 2010 June[current] pattern is identical to usual SEM withdrawal phase during fag end of AUG or SEP. To substantiate it TN experienced rain with TS along coastal as well as some interior NW regions. However during withdrawal phase RAINFALL will spread from NORTH TO SOUTH to enable to form NEM. Instead now it is going up NORTH. Further the traditional off shore trough in Arabian sea far off the coast and cross equatorial SW monsoonal winds are NOT deflected towards WEST near North Kerala, south Karnataka coast, instead it penetrates deep into NE towards North Karnataka,Goa coast and get deflected towards right. This gives NW winds along the coast and even in TN too. As the inland is comparatively hot winds surge towards it from NW and thus NW interior, Norh coastal TN & South Coastal AP are getting rainfall.

As pointed out by my collegue working in TN FOREST, eastern side of the western ghats will be getting relatively more rainfall during this 2010 SWMperiod.

He adjudged this from to the migration of wild animals (including elephants)from Kerala to Tamilnadu.