Friday, September 27, 2013

Till Sunday evening, Heavy rain expected for S,S-W,S-E Rajasthan and over N,N-E Gujarat.

S,N Bengal, Jharkhand, most of Odisha, Chatisgarh, N-E Andhra are expected to get scattered Heavy rain on Saturday, Sunday.

During next 2 nights (from tonight), early hrs... S Andhra coast, N-E Tamilnadu and #Chennai can expect a T shower or two.
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 1.30pm, Clear skies, sunny,& pleasant cool n breezy.29-19 C.few isolated candy clouds a pic 

Belgaum - Monsoon is still active ,it was Drizzling from morning and now at 2pm started raining heavy.


#Chennai - 8pm, a lonely T shower seen over N-W from city at around 65km.
SWM Monsoon changes mind, and re-tracks into Rajasthan and Haryana... a very rare and unusual happening...axis moves into Central India.
8 days since i started writing on BB-13, and am still going on !

from Vagaries

WET #Monsoons ahead for #India during next 50 years

More WET #Monsoons ahead for #India during next 50 years !! ... Very long range forecast from NASA >> VIDEO ...

#Chennai - #HOT at 4:10pm, temperature = 36 C (feels like 40.8 C). Mini T cell formations seen around 3pm.

#Chennai - Today again missed another early hr T shower. Zones W,S-W,S from city got good rain ... 

N Bay getting ready for a LOW

2:30pm, Due to Circulation over N Gujarat.. HEAVY rain is now over N,central Gujarat and into S-W Rajasthan ... 

Morning analysis shows, the N Gujarat circulation persists and N,N-E Bay is shaping to host a low level circulation . 

2:30pm, due to N,N-E Bay circulation, scattered HEAVY rain seen over N,central,S-W Bengal, Odisha, N-E Andhra and into S,N Chatisgarh
By Sunday, upper level circulation of N Gujarat is expected to weaken and may fizzle out over N Gujarat, S Rajasthan 
Low,mid level circulation of the present N Gujarat circulation is expected to drift E-N-E and prevail over W Madhyapradesh even till 1-Oct

Meanwhile, the N Bay circulation is expected to strengthen tomorrow and drift towards S Bengal, S Bangladesh .. 
On Monday, a anti-cyclone is expected over N-W India.. and this will not allow the West movement of N Bay circulation.

#Kolkata - 4:19pm, HEAVY T shower now over city. Very dark as if its like 7pm.