Monday, January 18, 2016

As of now, upper-level WD trough is seen over Pakistan and dipping SW upto S-central Bay.. will deepen and move East ...
In next 18hrs, upper,mid,low-level moisture will be over Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal, central,E India and entire S,central Peninsula. This chart represents the moisture expected over India due to upcoming WD in next 18hrs ...

In next 36hrs, HEAVY scattered rain for E,central,S Madhyapradesh, S Bihar, N,central Chatisgarh into Jharkhand, W Bengal.
In 36hrs, Rain / heavy snow expected over Kashmir and N Himachal...
In 36hrs Scattered T showers for S,central,W Karnataka, S,W,central Andhra, N,NW (Nilgiris), W,W-ghats Tamilnadu, W-ghats,N,central Kerala.
Next 36hrs, Telangana can witness scattered moderate showers including #Hyderabad.
Latest GFS hints of scattered drizzle / light rain for S-coast Andhra, N-coast Tamilnadu including #Chennai before midnight of 19-Jan. 

Rain ahead for S,S-central Peninsula today.

10:30am, Cloudy with showers continue over E Madhyapradesh, N Chatisgarh.
#Fog over Punjab, Haryana...
10:30am, Clouding and some showers started to push into Karnataka coast ... 

Rainfall till 8:30am today.
Light rain recorded over MP,
Hoshangabad 3mm
Sagar 2.4
Jabalpur 4.4
Ambikapur 6.8mm..

In 24hrs,
Scattered light/ moderate rain ahead for Karnataka coast, N,central Kerala.
S,SE Karnataka, SW,W Andhra and Telengana.
Scattered moderate / heavy T showers ahead on 19-Jan over S,SW,W,SE,S-central Karnataka, #Bangalore, N,NW,W Tamilnadu and S,SW,W Andhra.
Day & Night are going to be warm over Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra on today, 19 & 20-Jan...

Wet Weather Approaching Central and East India

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Severe Weather Forecast For Central and East India
from 17th Jan 2016 - 21st Jan 2016
Due the trough in easterlies from interior Karnataka to West Madhya Pradesh with an embedded upper air cyclonic circulation over southwest Madhya Pradesh &
neighbourhood and extends upto 1.5 km above mean sea level.
With this there is a "WIND CONFLUENCE" in Central India ..
Now Due to the upper Atmospheric Conditions there will be formation of Vast area of instability over Central India and adjoining East india from 17th Jan 2016 .
Slowly The System will gather Pace and move East with its Area of instability also becoming bigger ..
Now lets have a look Which are the states that are going to be mainly Affected ...
1. Madhya Pradesh
2. North Mahartasra
3. Uttar Pradesh
4. Chattisghar
5. Orissa
6. North West/ Central Andhra pradesh
7. Jharkhand
8. Sikkim
9. West Bengal
10. Assam
11. Meghalaya
So literally 11 states are going to be affected by this system , starting from 17th Jan 2016 - 22nd Jan 2016
Detailed Below are the Dates on which the system is going to move over which states .. :-
|||17th Jan 2016|||
Central and West MP will have T-storms and isolated Hailstorms
|||18th Jan 2016|||
Thunder storms and Hailstorms will lash Entire MP and parts of South and East UP
|||19th Jan 2016|||
System Will grow and Now move over Chattisghar and Orissa ...
Thunderstorms will continue in MP and Cover up Uttar Pradesh as well ..
Severe Hailstorms Expected in parts of Chattisghar and Orissa ..
|||20th Jan 2016|||
System Grows Big and now Covers up entire Bihar and UP ,
Severe T-storms and Isolated Hailstorms Possible over UP and Bihar , Rains Commence over West Bengal and Sikkim ..
Heavy Snow Expected over North Bengal / Sub Himalayan Areas of Bihar and Bengal ..
Severe T-storms Expected Over South WB from Evening of 20th to morning of 21st Jan 2016
|||21st Jan 2016|||
Rains Continue over West Bengal and the system Further moves into Assam, Meghalaya and rest of Bangladesh ..
Isolated parts of North Orissa will end up getting hailstorms ...
So basically , this system is going to be the first Big System thats going to bring in lots of rains Across Central and East india ...
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though as we all know "WEATHER" is an unpredictable phenomena and is subjected to vary ..
But We are Bravely Putting this Forecast before any other Organisation , and we expect to raise the level of Awareness among People ..
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