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The vertical wind profile in an unorganised and sheared summer TS will be chaotic and some times may bring severe catastrophe. Similar pattern of un organised wind shear [i.e un organised shear with height in speed and direction] is evident in the east coast, central India and west coast too. it may be inferred from the DWR wind, the pre monsoon TS activity at places will be violent [microburst]
From 1-May.. the Heat wave from N-W India will push into E.central India and into S-E Peninsula.. will reach Chennai after 3-May
COLA model suggests that the present S. Bay Low will move North and then N-E and NO real threat of Cyclone predicted ..
On 29-Apr, Entire N-W and Central India was around 40 to 42 deg C ...
30-Apr, Early hour T. shower that disrupted the Train services ... Pullambadi (Tiruchirapalli dt) 4 cm
South India heat on 29-Apr.. Nizamabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 43 deg C
4:30pm, Heavy showers over W,S-W Kashmir, T.showers over N,central, S. Karnataka, N,N-W, S.central Tamilnadu ..
Present Low over S,S-W Bay may move intially towards Tamilnadu coast as the Upper air steering is towards W-N-W ...

Tornado Tracks in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Deadly tornadoes raked across Alabama on April 27, 2011, killing as many as 210 people as of April 29. The hardest-hit community was Tuscaloosa. The top image, acquired on April 28 by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite, shows three tornado tracks through and around the city. The lower image, from April 12, shows the area before the storm.
The tracks are pale brown trails where green trees and plants have been uprooted, leaving disturbed ground. Though faint, the center track runs from southwest of Tuscaloosa, through the gray city, and extends northeast towards Birmingham. Two other tracks run parallel to the center track. The northernmost track lies in an area where the National Weather Service reported a tornado, but no tornado was reported in the vicinity of the more visible southern track. In the southern region, strong winds were reported.
The tornadoes were part of a larger weather pattern that produced more than 150 tornadoes across six states, according to the National Weather Service. The death toll reached 300 on April 29, making the outbreak the deadliest in the United States since 1974.
2pm, a lone T. cell over S-S-E Karnataka and another one over N. Tamilnadu ... Reports of Heavy T.shower over Bangalore.
RT @asury: @weatherofindia"Still it is not raining around Vidhana Soudha" -- Bangalore (2:30pm)
RT @vaidya_r: Hailstorm!! :) rain Bangalore (2:33pm)
RT @quakereports: earthquake: M 6.1, south of Panama
RT @rakshitaravi: @juhipande Come down to Bangalore. The rain is keeping the heat down. :) (2:17pm)
RT @krishnanblr: Its a BIG THUNDER and series of Lightning and THUNDER RAIN disrupted Saturday weekend life in Bangalore. (2:19pm)
RT @kaveerr: Rainin again in bangalore .... its awesome walkin in the rain (1:55pm)
RT @jdterish: Ice rain in bangalore, hulla! .. HAILS ... (1:56pm)
RT @krishnanblr: Super RAIN washing away South Bangalore on Saturday Afternoon. hailstone expected. (1:50pm)
RT @trilobite_1970: Heavy rain and furious winds lash Bangalore. Waiting for the power supply to go also. What a weekend! (1:46pm)
Chennai - Temperature touched a max of 35.4 C and now also its around 35 deg C... Mild wind from S-E.. this'll cool things in another 1.5 hr
On 29-Apr, Pune sizzles at 39.7 deg C ...

Bay shaping up to host season’s first ‘low’

A low-pressure is now expected to pop up over the Bay of Bengal by Sunday as a persisting upper air circulation descends to lower levels and matures.
In the run-up to this likely denouement, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are expected get buffeted by rains or thundershowers over the weekend, India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Friday.

The seas have warmed up to well above 30 deg Celsius, which is more than enough to sustain the brewing ‘low.’
This would also help steer the flows in the Bay to being more easterly to southeasterly, after having seen the back of a harmful ‘ridge’ or high-pressure region that has been pushed away.
The ‘low’ has been delayed this year from mid-April, which is normally the time around which the Bay gets its act together.
Meanwhile, peninsular India and adjoining east India, constituting two-thirds of the landmass in south, central and east-central regions, has witnessed surplus summer rains for almost two months between March 1 and April 27.

Rainfall deficiencies have been confined to extreme west and northwest, according to an update provided by the IMD.
The Gujarat and Sourashtra region, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh totted up varying deficiencies.
Jammu and Kashmir was the only Met subdivision to record a normal (+5 per cent) rainfall in the northwest while only Gujarat was totally devoid of any rainfall.
Among the Met subdivisions which surprised on the upside with surplus rainfall thus far during the season are Telengana (+43 per cent); Rayalaseema (+28 per cent); Vidarbha (+75 per cent); Chhattisgarh (+117 per cent); Bihar (+36 per cent); Gangetic West Bengal (+101 per cent); north interior Karnataka (+67 per cent); and south interior Karnataka (+103 per cent).

The larger Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Jharkhand states also found themselves falling in the ‘normal’ category.
One significant fall-out of the rainfall pattern has been the less than normal cooling of these regions and total absence of heat waves that normally take a toll on human and animal lives.
Some weather watchers have also tended to view with this caution in terms of the likely impact on the impending of the monsoon that drives essentially on land-sea surface temperature contrasts.
Global weather models are, however, of the view that sustained heating of the land surface has already started from northwest India and would filter into central, east-central and parts of peninsular India from the coming week onwards.

Meanwhile, fairly widespread overnight rain or thundershowers has been reported from Andaman and Nicobar Islands overnight on Friday.
It was scattered over sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, Meghalaya and Tripura and isolated over Jammu and Kashmir, east Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, south interior Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
On Thursday, maximum temperatures were above normal by 2 to 4 deg Celsius over some parts of Punjab, east Rajasthan, northwest Madhya Pradesh.
But they continued to be below normal by 2 to 4 deg Celsius over Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Tripura and Orissa.

The highest maximum temperature of 44.0 deg Celsius was recorded at Churu (Rajasthan), Jalgaon (Maharashtra) and Khargone (Madhya Pradesh) on Thursday.
Satellite pictures early on Friday morning showed the presence of convective (rain-bearing) clouds over parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, south and east-central Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.
The western disturbance over north Pakistan and adjoining Jammu and Kashmir now lies over Jammu and Kashmir. It would affect western Himalayan region and adjoining plains of northwest India until Monday.
Meandering of WD to flow into BOB ...
Low pressure Area in Bay ... "95 B" -- Update #1 ...

Low pressure Area in Bay ... "95 B" -- Update #1

Present position of Low ..
9.2 N and 90.1 E
Pressure :: 1004 mb
Wind speed :: 40 to 45 KmpH

Expected to become as a Cyclone in next 3 to 4 days and will move in N-N-E direction further into Bay.
More on this brewing system ... "Meandering of WD to flow into BOB"
RT @joshva: How lovely is the sun after rain, and how lovely is laughter after sorrow. ~ Tunisian Proverb
sudden and violent TS activity near Pullambadi in Trichy district of Tamilnadu to day 30-Apr .. early hours...

Friday, April 29, 2011

29 April 2011 1600 UTC

NRLMRY [US Naval site] has identified a brewing- invest area in BOB. Chennai radar winds are also showing changes in wind flow direction now. Mid-Upper level northerly is seen. Mumbai is also reporting Northerly.
  • Meandering of WD to flow into BOB and to form invest area[?]
4:30pm, Thunder cell over S, N Tamilnadu, S. Chatisgarh, N-E, central Andhra, and more showers comin up for Kashmir..
Minimum temperature touches 30c for the first time this year today, 29th April at Kota (Rajasthan). 
In 2010, 30c as minimum was recorded on 17th April.

Mumbai at 30c now at 2 pm (Friday). Almost cloudy .

via email.
Isolated afternoon showers over S. Tamilnadu and Kerala will persist till 3-May.
W.D has started over Kashmir .. this'll pump in westerlies into West India and it's expected to Dip into S-central Peninsula for next 3 days
Today, the S-W Bay UAC has moved N-E and now lying over S.central Bay ..
India Monsoon May Dip Below Forecast ....
RT @harimenonz: Waiting for the rain ... Parambikulam , Palakad , Kerala
W-N-W super heat on 28-Apr.. highest maximum temperature of 44.0 C has been recorded at Churu, Jalgaon and Khargone
Chennai - Having a Hazy sky.(a typical summer mid-day) .. Dry and the HEAT is on now 11:56am.
RT @rtkeralam: RT @b2bprojects: News Kerala: Mercury rises in Delhi; rain, duststorm expected tomorrow:
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 11.25am, Yestday Sweltering 43-26C. Now its Clear sky, hot, dry and humid.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nagercoil - Heavy rain lashed for more than half hour continued with long drizzles !!
Max. Temperature map of 27-Apr.. shows the Heat wave is slowly to central and S.central India ..
Rainfall till 8:30am of 28-Apr-2011 ...
Heating of land apace in northwest India ...

Heating of land apace in northwest India

A forecast outlook from India Meteorological Department (IMD) indicates that the summer heating of extreme northwest India has started in right earnest.
Arrival of a spoilsport western disturbance has been factored in, but its influence would not extend beyond Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Mainly dry weather is expected to prevail over the plains of northwest and adjoining west and central India.
The westerly system would be able to do no more than cap the heating trend in the northwest, according to the outlook.
Strong surface winds would prevail over Gujarat, Rajasthan and the Indo-Gangetic plains until Friday. No significant change in temperatures is seen over parts of the plains of northwest India and adjoining central and west India until Friday, the IMD said.
Meanwhile, maximum temperatures recorded on Tuesday ranged between 40.0 deg Celsius to 44.0 deg Celsius at many parts of Rajasthan, west Madhya Pradesh, north Gujarat and Vidarbha.
Global models had indicated earlier that the core heating would cross the northwest border into the western parts of India from this week. This is where the ‘heat low’, a peculiar phenomenon triggered by sustained heating of the land surface develops locally.
This in turn leads to the creation of an elongated area of lower pressure extending from the West Asia desert across Pakistan and into northwest India. This is unlike the usual pattern when heating of the land assumes the sinking motion of air and therefore higher pressure.
The ‘heat low’ is a crucial cog in the wheel of the monsoon system, helping draw, as it would, moisture-laden southwesterly winds from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.
Even as the northwest is heating up, the IMD said maximum temperatures were below normal by 2 to 6 deg Celsius over Gangetic plains and Tamil Nadu on Wednesday.
They were near normal over rest of the country except parts of Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and interior Maharashtra where they are above normal by 2 to 3 deg Celsius. The highest maximum temperature of 45.2 deg Celsius was recorded at Ganganagar in Rajasthan.
During the day on Tuesday, scattered rain or thundershowers occurred over Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand and isolated over east Uttar Pradesh, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim and Kerala.
Satellite imagery early on Wednesday morning showed the presence of convective (rain-driving) clouds over parts of south and east-central Bay of Bengal, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and southeast Arabian Sea.
The IMD traced a trough extending from west Rajasthan to southwest Bay of Bengal across interior Maharashtra, interior Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with embedded upper air cyclonic circulations over west Madhya Pradesh and southwest Bay of Bengal.
Another trough lay extended from an upper air cyclonic circulation over west Madhya Pradesh and ‘telescoped’ into a counterpart circulation over Gangetic west Bengal. In the process, the trough passed over east Madhya Pradesh, north Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.
A weather warning said that isolated thunder squalls would occur over Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Sikkim and the Northeastern States until Friday.
A short-term outlook said that fairly widespread rain or thundershowers would occur over Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep until Friday. Scattered rain or thundershowers may break out occur over south and coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu during this period.
Scattered rain or thundershowers would unfold over the Northeastern States, West Bengal, Sikkim, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. It may relent later over Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh from Friday.
Isolated rain or thundershowers are likely over Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh from Friday.
An extended outlook until Sunday said that scattered rain or thundershowers would occur over northeast and adjoining east and south peninsular India. 
RT @usgs: Don't miss out! Learn how to protect yourself in an earthquake TODAY with the Great Central US ShakeOut:
'All weather changes are not climate change' ... YES ...
RT @alertnet: Storm and tornadoes in U.S. state of Alabama kill 128 people
3:30pm, W.D showers over W.Kashmir and more on way ..
3:30pm, T.cells visible over N.central, S.tip Tamilnadu, Kerala, S. Karnataka and central Andhra ..
Chennai - touched a max of 33.5 C (9:37am) and now 3:39pm also it's around 33 deg C.. mild breeze from E-S-E
RT @weatherchannel: Map displaying all of the tornado reports, more than 250, since Monday: (USA)
3pm, Thunder showers erupting over S. tip Tamilnadu and S. Kerala
RT @asury: @weatherofindia " light drizzle has started in bangalore" (3:04pm)
RT @quakereports: earthquake: M 5.9, Solomon Islands
Tweets Saving Lives as Tornadoes Wreak Havoc Again in USA ...
A fresh W.D is closing in over W. Kashmir.. will start from tonight !
12pm, Entire S,S-W Bay is very active, Showers possible over Gulf Mannar and adjoining Tamilnadu..
RT @guruthinks: Today is hot and humid in coimbatore . expectin rain . . (12:17pm)
Both IMD and COLA models suggest a Cyclone formation around 2-May over Central or W.central Bay ...
RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.50am, Yestday burning 43-25C, however heavy wind in the night brought some relief. (CDN - 33 days to SWM!!)
RT @akshaydeoras: 43C expected today in Nagpur
RT @akshaydeoras: 2011 Cyclone Season for Bay of Bengal is expected to kick off in next 3-4 days, cyclone in bay of...
IMD models suggest that the present Bay UAC will Zig-Zag and persist over W,S-W, central Bay till 5-May ...
RT @mtv233: Rain Hills
Top Station-Munnar-Kerala-India ...
Oops ... IMD models suggest that the present S-W Bay UAC will move N-E and then West and zig-zag over W.central Bay till 5-May..!
The UAC still persists over S-W Bay and showing hints of moving N-E ..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who Needs a Weatherman? People-Powered Meteorology !! ...

Who Needs a Weatherman? People-Powered Meteorology !!

Weather conditions are most often defined in terms of temperature, humidity and wind factor. New iPhone application Weddar [iTunes link] challenges this notion with a system that gives users the ability to submit reports based on how the weather feels.
“We wanted a very simplistic approach for all people,” explains co-creator Ricardo Fonseca, “so that they could express their feelings about how they feel the weather.”
Simplistic it is. Weddar presents the user with nine different weather report selections that take the form of color-coded clouds — think Perfect, Hot, Good or Hell — and four optional modifiers so users can specify whether it’s cloudy, rainy, windy or snowy.
Reports are added to the map according to the user’s location, and then visible to other app users in the map view. That’s pretty much all there is to it, though users can also request weather reports by pressing on a place on the map for a second. That action will produce a white cloud on the map and will signal other users to add their reports.

Weddar’s greatest quality is that it’s hyper-local. Because weather reports are tied to a user’s location, they reflect the current feel of an exact locale and offer users more data — as fuzzy as it may be — on the area’s conditions. This means that Weddar can account for microclimates far better than the local TV weatherman.
Of course, that depends on whether anyone is actually using Weddar. The application, released Monday, is seeing some traction, according to Fonseca. He won’t share specific numbers, but he does say that users in 63 different countries have submitted weather reports via Weddar. The app has reached the number two position on the Free Apps chart in Portugal, where Weddar parent-company 96HP is based.
The startup won’t be putting any weathermen (or weathergirls) out of business anytime soon. Sometimes we need a real temperature reading and a bit more to go on than, say, “Fresh”. But the app’s crowdsourced and mobile nature could give it an edge if the idea takes off with enough iPhone users.
Weddar is currently self-funded. The startup plans to introduce new features such as photo uploads in the months ahead.
Chennai - Deep blue skies - Usually a WET phase will follow this... This time it'll be a HEAT wave !!
Chennai - DEEP blue skies are rare and sign of NEW weather front moving in...
Chennai - 3:25pm is having a clear DEEP blue skies with mild breeze from E-S-E and temp. around 33 deg C
The present heat wave over W-N-W india will spread to Central and S.central India from 1-May ... this's needed for proper monsoon.
N-E states will get widespread Heavy showers from 1-May and will continue beyond 5-May.
A fresh W.D will start over Kashmir from 29-Apr , will last till 3/4-May.
T.showers will pick up again over Kerala from 2-May ...
Some odd T.showers possible along S, S-E Tamilnadu and Kerala for next 24 hrs. Only isolated rain forecast for Kerala till 1-May.
Most of India is having a clear day today ... T.showers seen over N-W Orissa and Chatisgarh ..
Heat wave kills 3 in Ahmedabad ...
RT @akshaydeoras: 39C just now in Nagpur ... Temp upto 42-43C expected today in Nagpur
RT @akshaydeoras: 29th April to 4th May - moisture shall again arrive over Nagpur leading to some more cloudy days .
High winds forecast for W, N-W India starting from 28-Apr.. till 4-May and beyond .. This westerly will dip south into S.peninsula.
IMD model says .. Present S-W Bay circulation will travel N-E then W and then N-E
3 circulations... one over Madhya pradesh, Another over N. Bay and another over S-W Bay ...

Westerly system may stray into North-West by Thursday

India Meteorological Department (IMD) has said that a western disturbance would stray into northwest India from Thursday onwards.
But the system is not seen drastically changing the weather parameters over the region, which would continue to witness mainly dry weather.
Isolated rain or thundershowers would occur over Jammu and Kashmir from Friday onwards.
Strong surface winds are expected to prevail over Gujarat, Rajasthan and the Indo-Gangetic plains during this period.
Meanwhile on Tuesday, an upper air cyclonic circulation persisted over northwest Madhya Pradesh and neighbourhood.
This, in turn, triggered the formation of a southward-bound and weather-making trough that passed through Marathwada, interior Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
The trough then “telescoped” into a counterpart upper air cyclonic circulation over southwest Bay of Bengal.
A third upper air cyclonic circulation was on view over Gangetic West Bengal, presiding over local weather.
A weather warning from IMD said that isolated thunder squalls would break out over Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Sikkim and the Northeastern States until Thursday.
The 24 hours ending Tuesday morning saw fairly widespread rain or thundershowers break out over Gangetic West Bengal, Orissa, Meghalaya, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
It was scattered over sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, east Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, south Karnataka and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
It was isolated over Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Telangana and north coastal Andhra Pradesh.
Satellite imagery in the afternoon indicated the presence of convective (rain-triggering) clouds over parts of south and central Bay of Bengal, southeast Arabian Sea and the Comorin area.
A short-term outlook valid until Friday said that fairly widespread rain or thundershowers would unfold over coastal Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
However, the rainfall over Tamil Nadu would weaken in intensity from Wednesday as the clouding spreads out in an east-to-northeast direction into the sea.
Scattered rain or thundershowers is likely over Lakshadweep and south interior Karnataka. 
Chennai faces an-hour-long power cut while other parts of the state it will be not less than 3 hours a day ...

If DMK loses polls, blame their Renewable Energy policy in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu had finally voted on April 13th though counting is on May 13th. In what is seen as an extremely tight contest with tempers rising high during the campaign, among the major poll issues was the acute power shortage faced by the state. With voting over, Tamil Nadu is set to face longer power outages following a decision by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) to increase the load shedding period from two hours to three hours every day.

Chennai faces an-hour-long power cut while other parts of the state it will be not less than 3 hours a day. The TANGEDCO decision comes in the face of an increasing power deficit in the State, combined with rising deficits in other States. 
As an energy consultant observed "Tamil Nadu has put too many of its eggs in the wind basket." 

On 26-Apr,  highest maximum temperature of 45.2 C was recorded at Ganganagar (Rajasthan)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

7:30pm, Massive T.storm over E,S-E Srilanka, S. Tamilnadu, S. Kerala, Nilgiris, S-W Karnataka ..
‘Enhanced rain' from May to July, says Korean forecaster ...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 10.00am, Yestday temp baking 42-25C. Now its clear sky, hot, humid and dry.

‘Enhanced rain' from May to July, says Korean forecaster

The Busan, South Korea-based APEC Climate Centre has said in updated forecast on Monday that India might witness ‘enhanced rains' during May-June-July.
This was slightly at variance with some other global models that saw a weaker start to the southwest monsoon, only to be followed by a burst mid-season till the end.

In fact, the APEC centre saw some deficiencies in July, especially over central and east-central India and the northwest. The outlook for August and September was not available on Monday.
The forecast said that the east Asian coast and Indonesia will receive less rainfall than normal. On the other hand, enhanced precipitation is expected over Indochina and the Philippines, apart from India.
Meanwhile, an India Meteorological Department (IMD) outlook on Monday evening said that the scattered rain or thundershowers over east, northeast and south peninsular India would continue until the month-end.

Mainly dry weather would prevail over northwest and adjoining west and central India during this period, with western disturbances staying away.
A satellite picture in the afternoon indicated the presence of convective (rain-driving) clouds over extreme peninsular India, south Arabian Sea, the Comorin area and south and central Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.
A short-term outlook valid until Thursday said that the fairly widespread rain or thundershowers would sustain over Kerala, coastal Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.
It would be scattered over Lakshadweep, interior Karnataka and Andaman and Nicobar Islands while being isolated over coastal Andhra Pradesh.

As has been the case, the causative system for this weather would be a trough that originates from upcountry and extends down to the south.
On Monday, the IMD located this weather-making trough extending from a cyclonic circulation over southeast Rajasthan and adjoining northwest Madhya Pradesh and running down through Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.
It consummated in another upper air cyclonic circulation over south Tamil Nadu.
Global models as well as the IMD expect this circulation to emerge into the adjoining Bay of Bengal and drive east-northeast towards central Bay. Towards the east, fairly widespread rain or thundershowers are expected unfold over east and northeast India until Tuesday.

On Sunday, the highest maximum temperature of 43.5 deg Celsius was recorded at Deesa in Gujarat. A rise in maximum temperatures by 1 to 2 deg Celsius has been indicated for northwest and adjoining central India.
A weather warning said that isolated thunder squalls would occur over Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Sikkim and the Northeastern States until Tuesday. The rollout of the rough weather here would be overseen by two upper air circulations over Assam and neighbourhood and southeast Uttar Pradesh and neighbourhood, the IMD said. 
From 28-Apr.. present showers over Kerala and Tamilnadu will go down rapidly and HEAT will move in !!
From 1-May.. more moisture will enter into N-E states and widespread Heavy rainfall predicted from 1-May.
From 28-Apr.. W India will have gusty winds in low levels and it'll spread to central, E.central India around 3-May..
A weak W.D will affect W. kashmir on 29-Apr.
The W-S-W Bay UAC will persist there for another 48 hrs and central India (madyapradesh) will host a strong UAC ..
1:30pm, Circulation persists Along central Tamilnadu coast over Bay... Rain activity seen along entire C,N coastal TN.
Chennai - Again S-W suburbs got some showers around 11:30am... after that now 2:15pm its like a Monsoon day with Cloud formations and Humid
RT @1prad: @weatherofindia hot and humid in madurai....... (12:49pm)

Monday, April 25, 2011

As La Nina Tapers off, How will the Monsoons behave? ...
Effects of Endosulfan on Human beings ..
RT @vinodh_v: Oh Yuvi is excepting rain. He doesn't know much about Chennai i guess. .. Yes Yes
RT @sushmaswarajbjp: BJP is for ban on Endosulfan. This was part of our manifesto in Kerala. .. What's Endosulfan ??..
@vigneshindian @gurunath75 >> Showers for the Day is over. There'll not be any more rain today for Chennai. IPL match will go on.!!
Clear, Humid and HOT weather expected over S., S-E peninsula from 30-Apr ... Kerala will continue to have isolated afternnon T.showers
Chennai - IPL match will go on without rain threat !!
Heavy showers will continue over Central, S-E Tamilnadu coast, Gulf Mannar, W,S-W coastal Srilanka for another 3 days..
UAC along Central Tamilnadu coast persists and will continue there for another 3 days... more showers expected ..
Chennai - Heavy showers lashed between Nandambakkam and Porur today afternoon for 30 minutes (from a reader of )

As La Nina Tapers off, How will the Monsoons behave?

The IMD finally released their monsoon forecast, after dithering for some time.  Speaking to CNBC-TV18's Karan Thapar, Ajit Tyagi, Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), said this year the forecast in quantitative terms is of 98%, which falls in the normal category. 
"We are confident within the model areas of plus/minus 5%. In extreme cases to be below normal category, which is between 90 and 96%—to be preciously the 93%, if we minus 5% from the 98%," he said raising hopes of higher farm output that could help the government tame high food prices."

As per the latest data from the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, the La Niña, which brought above normal rainfall to India last year, has run its course with the central Pacific returning to El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)  neutral conditions as reflected by the Nino 3.4 Index being 0.4 C deg. Since January this year, due to the La Niña effect, daytime maxima have been too low for ‘monsoon comfort’ since sustained heating of the northwest region is crucial to set up the keenly watched ‘heat low’ to build. The heat low builds due to sustained heating of northwest India, adjoining Pakistan and the Arabia desert.  

It is these conditions what posed a dilemma for IMD in their forecast of the monsoon and they dithered finalizing it until it became clear that we have returned to ENSO neutral conditions by mid-April, which can reduce rainfall. in the country. We can now hope that daytime maxima returns to normal fully in May to establish the south-westerly monsoon wind regime before heavy monsoon rains start over western India. Unlike other low-pressure areas, the ‘heat low’ is topped up by clear, cloud-free skies due to special reasons associated with the geography.

Southern parts of Western Ghats is the origin for ‘matti' bananas ...

southern parts of Western Ghats is the origin for ‘matti' bananas

The Western Ghats is home to many endangered species of flora. Continuous research in Megamalai and forest surrounding Mangaladevi Kannagi Temple in Theni district has proved that southern parts of Western Ghats is the origin for ‘matti' bananas ( Musa Accuminata), a variety predominantly grown only in Kanyakumari district in the State.
Researchers believe that this cultivable variety could have been evolved from continuous domestication of the ‘wild matti' present in the southern Western Ghats, said V. Ganesan, District Forest Officer.
Hill banana is a popular fruit in the country, known for its nutritional value. The origin of this species had been traced to the Indo-Malayan belt. Cultivatable banana evolved from two wild species — ‘ Musa acuminata' and ‘ Musa Balbisiana.' Though various varieties such as ‘Poovan,' ‘Rasthali,' red banana, Hill banana, Nendran, Monthan, dwarf Cavendish, Ney poovan and ‘matti' are famous in various part of the State, knowledge about wild species was very limited, Mr. Ganesan said.
A related genus of ‘kalvazhai' ( Ensete Superbum), known to occur on Western Ghats, was found in Mangaladevi Kannagi Temple forest area recently.
Plant exploration and expeditions conducted by the forest officer in the rainforests abutting private estates in Megamalai, one of the biodiversity hotspots in Western Ghats, resulted in discovery of the wild banana, popularly known as ‘Channa vazhai.' After in-depth study of morphological characters of leaves, pseudo stem, flowers and fruits, the variety resembled to that of cultivated ones.
Similar study conducted on various parts of Western Ghats between Anamalai and Kanyakumari in the past decade confirmed the origin of ‘Matti' variety of the wild banana, Mr. Ganesan said.

Taken from
Pune on 24-Apr :: Pre-monsoon showers lash city ...
Gurgoan :: The month of April might have started on a cool note, but ...
First heat wave of April hits Gujarat ... >>> maximum temperature 43.5 C was recorded at Deesa ( Gujarat) on 24-Apr
Chennai - Having High cloud cover now 3:29pm after A Thunder shower swept thru Southern outskirts of Chennai
RT @vinodsreedher: heavy rain is going on some of the part in tri vandrum district kerala (1:06pm)
Chennai - A Thunder shower possible before 2pm over S, S-W Chennai.
Chennai - Having heavy cloud formation from 8:30am... Had some drizzles over Pallavaram at 11:30am.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

RT @mithunmedamana: Fabulous April month in Kerala....!!
Every 2-3 days you get a nice rain....
Hope it continues in may too

5pm, Thunder showers again over S,S-central Tamilnadu, Central Kerala , central Karnataka and over S-W Maharastra ..
Chennai - Now 11:44am With mild humidity and temp. is at 31.6 C
10:30am, Most of Tamilnadu and Kerala are clearing off... but more showers expected today as well .. S. Bay very active.
Today, the circulation is along central Tamilnadu coast and it'll persist there for another 2 days, slight N. movement.
Chennai - Had some drizzles around 4:30am.. Now 11:38am its still cloudy and will clear up in another 1.5hr
RT @mithunmedamana: Nice rain here in Kerala on the Easter Sundaay..!!!
:-) Happy climate and Happy people
Chennai - T.shower or heavy drizzle will start after 2am

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fresh T.showers will soon pop over central, N, N-E Tamilnadu in another 3 hrs ..
6:30pm, widespread and Heavy showers over entire W. ghats of Kerala and over W, S-W of Tamilnadu ..
COLA model suggests that the present UAC will move into N-W Bay and continue to move in N-E direction ...
IMD model :: More heavy rain ahead for Tamilnadu (especially for TN) and Kerala till .... 28-Apr ...
WoW ... according to IMD models the present N. Tamilnadu UAC will persist along N. Tamilnadu coast till 29-Apr ...
Both S-E Arabian sea circulation and N. Tamilnadu coast circulation will persist for another 24 hrs ... and will bring more Heavy rain !
UAC :: One over N. Tamilnadu and another over Bay just N-E of Chennai ... and the trough persist over S-E Arabian sea..
RT @sanjeevkumarm: reached back home few mins back. Was a good driving experience from Thrissur to Palakkad. Kerala, Rain
RT @albinantony: now @ home and its raining here heavely ! idukki, kerala (6:53pm)

IMD : weather report till 8:30am of 23-Apr-2011

Rainfall occurred at most places over Tamil Nadu and Coastal Andhra Pradesh, at many places over Rayalaseema, Kerala and South Interior Karnataka. Isolated rainfall occurred over Telangana, Coastal and North Interior Karnataka. Dry weather prevailed over Lakshadweep.

The following stations recorded very heavy to heavy rainfall in centimetres:

Yercaud 14, Kanchipuram 12, Kavali, Bangalore airport, and Tirumangalam (Madurai dt) 11 each, Tuni, Bangalore, Thozudur (Cuddalore dt), Marandahalli (Dharmapuri dt), Omalur (Salem dt) and Thathiengarpet (Thiruchirapalli dt) 10 each, Srirangapatnam (Mandya dt), Malur (Kolar dt), Ponneri (Thiruvallur dt), Gingee (Villupuram dt), Villupuram and Pochampalli (Krishnagiri dt) 9 each, Hosdurg (Kasargode dt), Kaveripakkam (Vellore dt) and Perambalur 8 each and Rayadurg (Ananthapur dt), Koalr, Thiruvananthapuram airport, Kallakurichi and Sankarapuram (both Villupuram dt), Uthamapalayam (Theni dt), Wallajahpet (Vellore dt) and Ariyalur 7 each.

The other chief amounts of rainfall recorded in centimeters are:

Tadepalligudem and Polavaram (both West Godavari dt), Narsapur, Lakkireddipalli (Cuddapah dt), K. R. Nagara (Mysore dt), Thiruvananthapuram, Cuddalore, Arakonam and Sholingur (both Vellore dt), Pappireddipatti (Dharmapuri dt), Sankaridurg (Salem dt), Perundurai, Sathyamangalam and Gobichettipalayam (all Erode dt), Thruaiyur (Thiruchirapalli dt) and Mettupatti (Madurai dt) 6 each, Bapatla, Kaikalur (Krishna dt), Bhimavaram (West Godavari dt), Kalayandurg (Ananthapur dt), Kanakapura (Ramanagara dt), Kollegal (Chamrajnagar dt), Koppa (Chikmagalur dt), Honnali (Davanagere dt), Hallimysore (Hassan dt), Kudulu (Kasargode dt), Peermade (Idukki dt), Kollam, Maduranthagam (Kanchipuram dt), Tirukoilur (Villupuram dt), Puducherry airport, Alangayam (Vellore dt), Tirupattur, Vellore, Mettur Dam (Salem dt), Bhavani and Kodumudi (both Erode dt), Karur Paramathi and Periyakulam 5 each, Tada (Nellore dt, Nellore, Eluru and Tanuku (both West Godavari dt), Kakinada, Nuzvid (Krishna dt), Pamidi and Gooty (both Ananthapur dt), Srikalahasthi and Venkatagiri Kota (both Chittoor dt), Pavgada and Y. N. Hoskote (both Tumkur dt), Hoskote (Bangalore Rural dt), Bhagamandala (Kodagu dt), Bangarpet (Kolar dt), Vythiri (Wynad dt), Perinthalamanna (Malapuram dt), Pallipattu and Thiruvalangadu (both Thiruvallur dt), Tiruttani, Virudhachalam (Cuddalore dt), Ulundurpet (Villupuram dt), Vedaranyam, Pamban, Anchetty, Penukondapuram and Thali (all Krishnagir dt), Hogenakkal (Dharmapuri dt), Salem, Thammampatti (Salem dt), Erode, Periyar Dam (Theni dt) and Jayamkondam (Ariyalur dt) 4 each, Hirekerur (Haveri dt), Panambur, Madapura and Napoklu (both Kodagu dt), Krishnarajasagara (Mandya dt), Kanjirapally (Kottayam dt), Munnar (Idukki dt), Koderu (West Godavari dt), Peddapuram and Amalapuram (both East Godavari dt), Sullurpet (Nellore dt), Puttur and Palamaner (both Chittoor dt), Aragyavaram, Chittoor, Poonamalle, Ramakrishnarajupet and Korattur (all Thiruvallur dt), Srimushnam (Cuddalore dt), Tindivanam (Villupuram dt), Karaikal, Madukkur and Pattukottai (both Thanjavur dt), Nannilam (Tiruvaur dt), Nagapattinam, Palacode and Pennagaram (both Dharmapuri dt), Kundha Bridge (Nilgiris dt), Karur, Mayanur (Karur dt), Lalgudi (Tiruchirapalli dt), Madurai airport, Peraiyur (Madurai dt), Vaniyambadi (Vellore dt) and Vembavur (Perambalur dt) 3 each, Manjeri (Malapuram dt), Mannarkkad (Palakkad dt), Alapuzha, Aryankavu (Kollam dt), Bandipura (Chamrajpura dt), Jayapura (Chikmagalur dt), Basaralu and K. R. Pet (both Mandya dt), Sargur (Mysore dt), Humchadakatte (Shimoga dt), Addanki (Prakasam dt), Guntur, Repalle (Guntur dt), Anakapalle and Elamanchilli (both Visakhapatnam dt), Bhimadole (West Godavari dt), Gudivada (Krishna dt), Kalingapatnam, Gudur (Nellore dt), Ananthapur, Pulivendala and Vempalli (both Cuddapah dt), Kuppam, Punganur and Thambalapalle (all Chittoor dt), Chennai airport, Cheyyur, Mahabalipuram and Uthiramerur (all Kanchipuram dt), Cholavaram, Poondi and Red Hills (all Thiruvallur dt), Sethiyathope and Panruti (both Cuddalore dt), Marakkanam and Vanur (both Villupuram dt), Papanasam and Thiruvidaimarudhur (both Thanjavur dt), Ambur (Vellore dt), Dharmapuri, Barur, Rayakottai, Shoolagiri and Uthangarai (all Krishnagiri dt), Attur and Vazhapadi (both Salem dt), Valparai, Mulanur (Tiruppur dt), Gudalur Bazaar (Nilgiris dt), Musiri (Thiruchirapalli dt), Madurai, Gudalur (Theni dt), Kodaikanal and Rameshwaram (Ramanathapuram dt) 2 each, Chennai, Chengalpattu, Sriperumpudur, Tiruvallur, Tamaraipakka, Kattumannarkoil, Parangipettai, Adiramapatnam, Kumbakonam, Tiruvaiyaru, Thanjavur, Mayiladuthurai, Sirkali, Tarangambadi, Aranthangi, Kovilpatti, Gudiyatham, Melalathur, Denkanikottai, Hosur, Tiruppur, Kangeyam, Dharapuram, Naduvattam, Uthagamandalam, Kulithalai, Padallur, Chettikulam, Samayapuram, Chittampatti, Andipatti, Bodinayakanur, Virudhunagar, Vinjamur (Nellore dt), Atchampet (Guntur dt), Udayagiri (Nellore dt), Ongole, Visakhapatnam, Atmakur (Nellore dt), Mangalagiri and Sattenapalli (both Guntur dt), Gannavaram, Avanigadda and Nandigama (all Krishna dt), Gajapathinagaram (Vizianagaram dt), Seetharamapuram (Nellore dt), Chintalapudi (West Godavari dt), Narsipatnam (Visakhapatnam dt), Satyavedu (Chittur dt), Madakasira (Ananthapur dt), Proddatur, Muddanur, Rayachoty and Porumamilla (all Cuddappah dt), Koilkuntla (Kurnool dt), Pakala and Kalakada (both Chittur dt), Owk (Kurnool dt), Mananthavady (Wayanad dt), Kayamkulam and Mavelikara and Haripad (all Alapuzha dt) Madikeri, Somwarpet (Kodagu dt), Honakere (Mandya dt), Mysore, Madhugiri (Tumkur dt) 1 each.

Gulbarga, Cuddapah, Nandyal and medak recorded the highest maximum temperature of 38 degree Celsius in the region.
Chennai - Received Drizzles and sharp showers ALL night and even now 8:53am it's drizzling in some parts.

Showers will continue over N. Tamilnadu, entire Kerala for another 48 hrs... Some of the showers will be Very Heavy with Lightning .

Raining All night long over 80% of Kerala, Tamilnadu, S. Karnataka and S. Andhra ...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Heavy RF over WNW part of Tamilnadu

The upper air profiles of some 35 stations were analysed by one of our experts. It has indicated a wind convergence zone near WNW part of Tamilnadu. It is evident from the realised rainfall too.
Now also it indicated cyclonic like circulation perhaps with centre like region over those part. [22042011/2045 hrs IST].
There may be heavy wind and very heavy rainfall in those regions[Salem, Dharmapuri, Namakkal,Krishnagiri etc] .
RT @theblacksuits: @mebemit :p RT @scaryhairyman: the vit subway flooded :) rain Vellore
RT @kjdevasia: Torrential rain in Kerala (6:02pm)
RT @theblacksuits: @mebemit :-)RT @scaryhairyman: rain rain in Vellore :D (5:51pm)
Chennai - Getting heavily clouded over S,S-W, W suburbs ... Get ready for Showers in another max 1 hr.
4pm, Heavy T.showers over entire W.ghats of Kerala, S. Kerala, Nilgiris, S. Karnataka, N,N-E Tamilnadu, S. Andhra ...
RT @flashchemist: This rain in heavier then what I saw in kerala last week. Wow! (4:50pm)
RT @asury: @weatherofindia bangalore rain. Now it heavier and steady" (4:46pm)
Chennai - Heavily cloudy over S, S-W, W suburbs of Chennai . Showers expected in another 1.5 hrs
RT @asury: @weatherofindia "Drizzling started in bangalore" (4:42pm)
RT @chennaiweather: Heavy rain in Vellore. Chennai will get Thunderstorm rain tonight (3:59pm)
Present Rain in Nilgiris may benefit tea plantations ...
On 21-Apr, Marandahalli (Dharmapuri dt.) records 10 cm ...

IMD : Weather report till 8:30am of 22-Apr-2011

Rainfall occurred at many places over Kerala and Coastal Karnataka and at a few places over Tamil Nadu, and  South interior Karnataka. Isolated rainfall occurred over Rayalaseema and Lakshadweep and dry weather prevailed over Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and North interior Karnataka.

            The following stations recorded heavy rainfall in centimetres:
            Marandahalli (Dharmapuri dt.) 10, Kozhikode Airport 9, Rayakottah (Krishnagiri dt.) and Kudulu (Kasargode dt.) 8 each and Coonoor 7.

            The other chief amounts of rainfall recorded in centimetres are:
Aminidivi 6, Pattukottai (Thanjavur dt.) , Shenkottah and Tenkasi (both Tirunelveli dt.) and Karur 5 each, Ayikudi (Tirunelveli dt.), Kundhabridge (Nilgiris dt.), Peraiyur and Tirumangalam (both Madurai dt.), Bajpe, Panambur, H.D.Kote (Mysore dt.) and Punalur 4 each, Chidambaram (Cuddalore dt.), Pudukottai, Palacode (Dharmapuri dt.), Aravakurichi and Mayanur (both Karur dt.), Marungapuri and Samayapuram (both Tiruchirapalli dt.), Bhagamandala (Kodagu dt.), Bangarpet (Kolar dt.), Srirangapatnam (Mandya dt.), Sarguru (Mysore dt.), Vadakara (Kozhikode dt.), Chittur (Palakkad dt.) and Aryankavu (Kollam dt.) 3 each, Mulanur (Tirupur dt.), Peravurani (Thanjavur dt.), Alangudi (Pudukottai dt.), Denkanikottai (Krishnagiri dt.), Perambalur, Thuraiyur (Tiruchirapalli dt.), Chittampatti and Mettupatti (both Madurai dt.) Andipatti and Periyar Dam (both Theni dt.), Mangalore, Mani, Puttur and Mudibidre (all Dakshina Kannada dt.), Somwarpet and Virajpet (both Kodagu dt.), Perinthalmanna and Angadipuram (both Malapuram dt.), Ottapalam and Pattambi (both Palakkad dt.), Kunnamkulam (Thrissur dt.), Kollam, Varkala (Thiruvananthapuram dt.) and Porumamilla (Cudappah dt.) 2 each and Mudukur (Thanjavur dt.), Arantangi and Perungallur (both Pudukottai dt.), Sivagiri (Tirunelveli dt.), Kanyakumari, Pechiparai (Kanyakumari dt.), Arakonam (Vellore dt.), Vellore , Anchetty (Krishnagiri dt.), Dharmapuri, Thammanpatti (Salem dt.), Valparai, Kothagiri (Nilgiris dt.), Vembavur (Perambalur dt.), Musiri (Tiruchirapalli dt.), Mettupalayam (Coimbatore dt.), Melur (Madurai dt.), Theni and Nilakottai (Dimdigul dt.), Udupi, Anekal (Bangalore Urban dt.), C.R.Patna (Hassan dt.), Harangi, Napoklu and Poonampet (all Kodagu dt.), Madikere, Malur (Kolar dt.), Mysore, Nanjangud (Mysore dt.), Kannur, Quilandy (Kozhikode dt.), Thrithala (Palakkad dt.), Chengannur (Alapuzha dt.), Thiruvananthapuram Airport and Chittoor 1 each.

            On Wednesday, the maximum temperature fell appreciably to markedly at many places Telangana, North interior Karnataka, fell appreciably at one or two places over Rayalaseema, South interior Karnataka, fell at one or two places over rest North interior Karnataka, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, North Tamil Nadu and changed little elsewhere over the region.
             They were appreciably to markedly below normal at many places over Telangana , at a few places over North interior Karnataka, appreciably below normal at one or two places over North Tamil Nadu, below normal at few places over rest North interior Karnataka, at one or two places over South interior Karnataka, rest North Tamil Nadu, appreciably above normal at one or two places over Coastal Karnataka, above normal at a few places over rest Tamil Nadu, above normal at one or two places over rest Coastal Karnataka, Kerala and North Coastal Andhra Pradesh and were generally normal over the rest of the region.
             Tirupathi Airport, Rentachintala and Adilabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 40 degree Celsius in the region.
The circulation will move in N-E direction into S. Kerala, eventually into Tamilnadu and will cross over Chennai on 26 / 27-Apr.
IMD models show a Circulation and a trough present over S-E Arabian sea ..
Chennai - Heavy droplets falling now 2:53pm over Pammal, Polichalur.
Next W.D for N-W India and Kashmir may start from 28-Apr.
Heavy showers forecast for Nilgiris, central and S-E Tamilnadu coast till 25-Apr.
Take a look at the vertical velocity along Chennai coast ..
Today's analysis show.. vertical velocity along N. Tamilnadu coast and S. coastal Andhra are high . surely this will produce heavy T.showers
2pm, S-E Bay just S-W of Kerala tip is very active, T.cells visible over Nilgiris, S, S-E Tamilnadu ... .
Chennai - now 2:46pm getting cloudy ... seems to be a T.cell forming right over S,S-W Chennai... Expect heavy rain soon.
2pm, Thunder showers lining up from N.central Tamilnadu to S. Coastal Andhra .. Chennai will soon have a T.shower ...
RT @gokz87: Yay! Finally its Drizzling in Pondicherry!! @weatherofindia (2:02pm)
Chennai - after overnight rain now 10.18am it's 90percent clear with no wind and humidity is very high. More showers before evening!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some heavy and widespread showers forecast for Kerala and Tamilnadu till 25-Apr ...
IPL weather update ... Mohali may get cloudy around 8pm and may even get some light showers.
6pm, Widespread and heavy T.shower activity all over S, S-E peninsula ...
6pm, Widespread and heavy T.shower activity all over S, S-E peninsula ...
@asury >> NO, not at all. But the onset may not have the Fizz to start with... It's early days to predict those. !
Chennai - These T.showers may continue till 25-Apr... but showers can be expected only once or twice in a Day and scattered.
Due to rush of wind from S-S-W into S. Kerala. Heavy showers possible for S. kerala and S.Tip Tamilnadu on 22,23,24-Apr.
IMD models suggest widespread T.showers for Kerala, Tamilnadu till 25-Apr... and will go down after that..
Low level winds along S-E peninsula will be from S-E till 24-Apr... Till then T.showers possible for Tamilnadu.
A Low level trough can be seen over S-E Arabian sea along Kerala .. will stay there for another 2 days and move over Lakshadweep.
Hot Maharastra on 20-Apr.. highest maximum temperature of 41.6 C was recorded at Jalgaon ( Maharashtra).
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia- Kutch region received showers yesterday-
Chennai - Heavy rain just 11:15am started over Pallavaram
Chennai - 11:04am, reports of scattered showers >> Kindly request all Chennai weather reporters to post a Photo and mention @weatherofindia
RT @koolhead17: 1st rain of the season, enjoyed getting drenched. Chennai (10:58am)
Chennai - Will host a good thunder shower before 1pm... already we have one over S-E Chennai... more on way !
RT @vinodvv: The drizzle just fizzled at Velachery, It is hot now. rain chennai (10:50am)
RT @neha_murthy: Thunder..Rain...and they call this THE SUMMER!! (1046am)
RT @shyamk: Something is wrong with good ol Madras. dark clouds & rain in summer. Crap. (9:53am)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.45am, Yestday 41-23C, Now its partly cloudy sky..a pic of morning low clouds
Chennai - s-e now ..
Chennai - 8.18am it's like monsoon day, heavy cloud formation moving in from s-e ! Showers possible in 30min over s.Chennai
Chennai - yesterday around 3pm w-n-w had some good thunder cells..
Chennai - 7am, unusual thunder cell seen over e-s-e over bay. Now 7.55am it has dissipated. More chance of T.shower today

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

@bp_shruthi >> You can follow us for South west monsoon updates, tracking and reports .. or visit regularly .Thanks
@bp_shruthi >> You can follow us for South west monsoon updates, tracking and reports .. or visit regularly .Thanks
1pm, T.showers popping over S, central, S-E Tamilnadu ...
RT @smartycools: Appealing Nature In Rain -
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 10.00am, Yestday temp 40-27C. Now, Clear sky, Sunny, hot with pleasant breeze. (CDN- 41days to SWM!!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IMD forecast of South West Monsoon - 2011 ... "rainfall for the country as a whole is most likely to be Normal" .. PDF..
Scattered T.shower over central, S. Tamilnadu and Kerala will continue beyond 25-Apr ... may peak around Easter Sunday .
Today, a circulation over central India persisted.
RT @tr_rajendar: Rain gonna f** stuff up for IPL4? >> Yes, especially Matches in Bangalore and Kochi due to pre-monsoon showers..!
Rainfall till 8:30am of 19-Apr-2011 ... Lots of showers over Kerala, TN, Bengal, N-E states, Kashmir, Himachal ...
Bangalore - "the rain is pouring down steadily" .. another IPL match affected by Rain
RT @shaunkrish: Rain lashed out for a couple of hours in here at bangalore. The weather has suddenly turned a lot chill! (6:58pm)
4:30pm, scattered Heavy T.showers over central and S. Karnataka, S, Kerala along W. ghats, N-W Tamilnadu ...
RT @chennaiweather: Rain in interior TN. Chennai may get its share shortly
RT @dhanu91: Heavy rain accompanied by lightning in Bangalore. Forget the match, I say! Guess God doesn't want Dravid to play against rcb
RT @outscribe: Rain is falling in Bangalore. (5:31pm)... Another IPL match going to be affected by RAIN ??!!
Google’s WIND farm - What Will be the World’s Largest Wind Farm ...

Disturbed weather to sustain over east India, south peninsula

Disturbed weather continued to engulf parts of northwest India, east and northeast India, the eastern seaboard and adjoining peninsular India overnight on Monday.
An India Meteorological Department (IMD) update said that widespread rain or snowfall was recorded in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh while it was scattered over Uttarakhand.


Fairly widespread rainfall occurred over Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi during this period.
But it was isolated over Rajasthan, Meghalaya, east Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Satellite imagery on Monday afternoon indicated that the unstable weather would continue to hold over many of these regions on Tuesday as well.
Convective (rain-bearing) clouds had gathered over Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, the Comorin area, south Bay of Bengal and south Arabian Sea.


A weather warning issued by the IMD said that isolated thunder squalls would occur over east Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Sikkim on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, the weather-maker western disturbance has on Monday crossed in fully over Jammu and Kashmir.
An evening bulletin said that the system and the retinue are moving eastwards. It would affect western Himalayan region and adjoining plains of northwest India on Tuesday.
The induced upper air cyclonic circulation over Punjab is moving eastwards while a counterpart circulation persisted over north Madhya Pradesh and adjoining south Uttar Pradesh.
It is from here that a ‘trough couple' – one reaching all the way down to south Tamil Nadu across Vidarbha and Andhra Pradesh and the other east-southeast to Nagaland.


The spike in maximum temperature to within touching distance from the 45 deg Celsius-mark provided a pleasant surprise overnight on Monday.
The IMD said that Sunday's highest maximum of 44.1 deg Celsius was recorded at Umaria in Madhya Pradesh during the 24 hours ending in the morning.
April turning out to be ‘coldest’ month in Himalayan states ...
RT @quakereports: earthquake: M 4.9, near the coast of Yemen
2pm, T.showers seen over S. Tamilnadu and Orissa
Chennai - Touched another 35 Deg C and temp. is still around 34 Deg C (3:05pm) .. Temp has not gone down even with Stiff breeze from S-E
RT @akshaydeoras: As expected,minor convection now happening in Nagpur as winds aloft have relaxed. 10% chance of...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 2.30pm, Sweltering hot yestday 40-27C, today its clear sky, dry, hot and humid.

Monday, April 18, 2011

RT @ajenglish: Severe thunderstorms and sandstorms hit China: At least 18 people dead as wind and rain batter ...
RT @green_updates: Starbucks offering free coffee/tea for customers bringing reusable mug or tumbler on Earth Day, 4-22
7:30pm, Showers moving up into Central and N.Kerala along W. ghats and T.showers also seen over Central Tamilnadu as well.
RT @hashkerala: RT @shaiju: help, I need an umbrella to use in our KSRTC bus...rain kerala
RT @regingeorge: Heavy rain at Thrissur, just 75km frm ipl statdium there is a chance for rain at kochi... : (
RT @arundevkr: Heavy rain in Kochi now.. Tonite CSK vs KTK may be cancelled.. IPL4 @cskFC @KochiTuskersKTK (6:27pm)
5pm, The present S. Kerala Thunder storms may soon be over Kochi.. if this happens then today's Chennai Vs Kochi IPL match will be in waters
RT @beingmanikandan: Who is gona win ???
KTK or CSK or the rain gods???
Because it seems lik clouds of kochi are full of waters....
Chennai - Another lone T.cell was seen around 4:30pm over E-N-E over Bay .. this is unusual at this time of year.. !!
Chennai - Witnessed a lone T.cell over W-N-W of Chennai and soon it died off at around 3pm
4:30pm, Shower activity over Punjab, Kashmir, Himachal, Jharkand, N-E states, Bangladesh and Orissa .. .
4:30pm, Massive T.storm sweeping S. Kerala and adjoining S. Tamilnadu along W. Ghats, more showers over W,N-W Tamilnadu.
RT @rahulchandrang: The skies are overcast here in kollam. Hoping for a huge rain acompanied by thunderstorm. kerala
IMD models forecast a very wet Kerala and Tamilnadu from 21-Apr till 25-Apr...
Chennai - wow .. touched a max temp of 35.9 C (10:55am)
From 20-Apr, T.showers may envelope over W, N-W Tamilnadu as well...
Afternoon T.showers for Kerala, S. Tamilnadu and N-E states are going to peak till 25-Apr and beyond.
In 24hrs, scattered T.showers forecast for Maharastra.
The present W.D over Kashmir will move S-E into Nepal and clear out on 22-Apr... Clear days ahead for Kashmir from 22-Apr till month end.
There'll be a weak circulation present over Central India till 23-Apr .. which will cause more T.showers in that zone.
On 17-Apr.. highest maximum temperature of 44.1 C was recorded at Umaria (Madhya Pradesh)
Today, a weak UAC can be seen over S-S-W. Bay .. this may produce more showers for S. kerala, S. Tamilnadu and Srilanka.
RT @unnithan_doc: Well back after a day in kerala..visited my, the climate was in the afternoon and rain in evening..luv kerala
12pm, From early morning a Thunderstorm is sweeping across Nepal from West to East ..
Welcome to Lavasa ... EXPOSED ...
RT @akshaydeoras: Thunderstorm shall hit Nagpur today late afternoon into evening hours with rain chance. Rains...
India has more tigers, but...
This is how rain will look like ... shot taken from a small jet ... Location unknown ...
RT @rajugana: Baroda 10.50am, Yesterday 39-26C a pic - sunset after a blistering hot day (CDN- 43 days to SWM!!!)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chennai - today showing signs of convection ... Showers over Andhra for the past 2 days may spill over along coastal Andhra and N. Tamilnadu

Saturday, April 16, 2011

RT @vishnupriya_76: Heavy rain remind us of challenges in life.
Never ask for lighter rain Just pray for a better umbrella That is attitude
IMD :: Press Conference on Long Range Forecast for South West Monsoon rainfall 2011 to be held on 19-Apr-2011 at 4pm
On 15-Apr.. highest maximum temperature of 41.8 C was recorded at Idar (Gujarat)
Induced upper air cyclonic circulation over central parts of Rajasthan persists in lower levels.
A ‘low' in the Bay around this time is a typical pre-monsoon season feature ... and is due around this time..
A wet Madden-Julian Oscillation wave is seen transiting southwest Indian Ocean below Sri Lankan latitude around 29-Apr.
On 15-Apr, Karnataka ... Pre-monsoon rains, lightning strikes claim 19 lives in Karna ...
5pm, Widespread T.showers over Chatisgarh and Orissa .. ..
5pm, Heavy T.showers all over W.ghats of Maharastra ... and Massive T.showers breaking over desert W,N Rajasthan ..

Weak pre-monsoon ‘low' indicated in Bay of Bengal

There is an emerging consensus among some global forecast models on the possibility of a weak low-pressure area building in the south and adjoining central Bay of Bengal over the next five to seven-day period. A ‘low' in the Bay around this time is a typical pre-monsoon season feature, and will help steer the flows to converge during the rest of the season.


Last year the Bay had to wait for the third week of April for the ‘low' to shape up, while the just year before was fortunate witness the same as early as April 12.
It had gone to become a tropical cyclone, but no such forecast was indicated for the impending ‘low' in the Bay.
A favourable phase of the periodical Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) wave is seen transiting southwest Indian Ocean below Sri Lankan latitude and towards Indonesia around April 20.


At least two major MJO trackers suggested that the impact of the upper-level wave, which is known to trigger weather over the region it passes, would last until the month-end.
No consensus outlook was available as to the exact location for the formation of the ‘low,' but the vast seas between Sri Lanka and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands suggested themselves as the most likely area.
Meanwhile, the 24 hours ending Friday morning saw widespread rainfall being reported from Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, Karnataka and Lakshadweep.
Peaking pre-monsoon activity over land also saw fairly widespread during this period over Bihar, Gangetic West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha and Kerala, an India Meteorological Department (IMD) update said in the evening.
It was isolated over Jharkhand, Orissa, east Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Marathawada and Tamil Nadu.
Isolated rain or snowfall was also reported from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. 
According to IMD models .. Entire S. peninsula will come under Showers from 19-Apr till 23-Apr and beyond. !! ..
A weak UAC can be seen over S.Bay along 5th parallel .. It'll affect Srilanka, S. Tamilnadu for next 48 hrs..
2:30pm, Isolated T.showers also seen over S.central Karnataka, Central Andhra, S. Tamilnadu and over S,C, S-E Srilanka..
2:30pm, Massive T.shower with squalls over S,S-E Madhya pradesh, N,S.central Chatisgarh, and over Orissa .. ..
2:30pm, W.D is full swing over Entire Pakistan and very near to India border along Rajasthan and Cloudy over Punjab..
Chennai - touched a max of 34.1 C (12:21pm).. with mild Sea breeze.. the temp is going down now .. 3:43pm
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"Sudden heavy rain lashes village as Kerala's fire ritual concludes .. " ... We believe there's NO sudden here !!
Pre-monsoon Thunder showers are predicted over Kerala till 25-Apr.. and beyond !!
RT @mathrubhumieng: Sudden heavy rain lashes village as Kerala's fire ritual concludes
RT @jkanthtl: @hinduidf as predicted in VEDAS, Sudden heavy rain lashes village as Kerala's atiratram concludes

Friday, April 15, 2011

RT @shibilthayath: Its realy hot here in kannur(kerala)waitng for a cool rain (8:14pm)
From today till 25-Apr.. S,S-W Bay is going to be ACTIVE.
IMD model says upcoming S-W Bay UAC may move in N-N-W direction and creep into Bay along TN coast around 20-Apr ...
S,S-W Bay will have a UAC in 24 hrs.. already the zone is very active all thru the day today ...
7pm, Heavy widespread T.showers over entire Andhra, S. Karnataka, N-W Tamilnadu, entire W.ghats of Kerala, Coast Orissa.
S,S-W Peninsula are having moderate Day temps...
Rainfall till 8:30am of 15-Apr-2011 ... Map ...
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RT @prasadaug84: RT @tuhinmehta: Check out the rain rolling across yelahanka (Bangalore) .. (5:44pm)
RT @shailajashriram: Rain & Hail : An unseen blowing shower in Bangalore changed the day into a pleasant weekend in no time (5:09pm)
3pm, Thunder cells seen over N.Tamilnadu, S. Karnataka, S,C,N-E. Andhra, S. MP and N and S w.ghats of Kerala...
Unstable weather to persist over large parts of country ...

Unstable weather to persist over large parts of country

With a fresh western disturbance expected to cross into the western Himalayas and the adjoining plains of northwest India, regional weather is expected to remain unstable during the weekend and into the next.
The rumble would also be heard in distant east and northeast India as well as the south, as offspring troughs and associated circulations dig in over these regions.
An India Meteorological Department (IMD) update on Thursday evening said that the fresh westerly would start affecting the western Himalayas and adjoining plains from Friday onwards.
An upper air cyclonic circulation in the lower levels over Bihar and neighbourhood persisted from overnight as did a counterpart circulation over Nagaland.
A weather-making trough lay extended from southwest Madhya Pradesh to coastal Kerala across Maharashtra and Karnataka.
A weather warning valid until Saturday said that isolated thunder squalls would occur over Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal and Sikkim.
Global weather models also indicated that the unstable weather (as distinct from stable or clear) would spill over into the next week.
The 24 hours ending on Thursday morning said that fairly widespread rain or snowfall was reported from Himachal Pradesh while it was scattered over Uttarakhand and isolated over Jammu and Kashmir.
Fairly widespread rainfall also broke out over Assam, Meghalaya and Kerala; scattered over Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Lakshadweep, Orissa, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim and Chhattisgarh.
It was isolated over Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Gangetic West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Island.
Satellite pictures on Thursday afternoon revealed the presence of convective (rain-bearing) clouds over parts of sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, the Northeastern States, south interior Karnataka and southeast Arabian Sea.
A short-term IMD outlook valid until Sunday said that widespread to fairly widespread rain, thunderstorms and dust storms would be unleashed over most of these areas in varying intensities.
An extended forecast valid until Tuesday said that scattered rain or snow would occur over the western Himalayan region.