Tuesday, December 24, 2013

@karthiiyer >> #Bangalore city records a min temp of 17 C, and expected remain around 15 C during next 3 nights / morning.

#Chennai - 9:20pm, Temperature is 25 C, Humidity = 81 %
X'mas morning temperature is expected to be around 21 C and can be partly cloudy.

Some cold news from North India, 24-Dec-2013

Intense Cold in North India, Fog Returns to Disrupt Life ... http://ow.ly/s2NZS 

North India shivering, Cold wave kills 2 in Himachal Pradesh ... http://ow.ly/s2O8m 

#Health - Flu Vs. Cold: How To Identify? ... http://ow.ly/s2Ogv 

Cold wave tightens grip in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie receives snowfall ... http://ow.ly/s2Oup 

Cold wave intensifies as more hilly areas receive snow, 4 dead in HP ... http://ow.ly/s2OCZ 

Manali in Himachal Pradesh recorded 12 cm of fresh snowfall on Monday while Shimla received 6 cm snowfall.. http://ow.ly/i/47yd2 
Leh (Jammu & Kashmir) records -9 C

Today morning, Low temp was recorded at Narnaul (Haryana) = 3.3 C.

Mahabaleshwar - "It was very windy here last night. Winter is normal around 12 C"

In next 2 days Min. temps expected to drop even more over most of Rajasthan, Gujarat, across Uttarpradesh and E India http://ow.ly/i/47mLd
Day and Night temp over most of N,N-W,N-central India is expected to be Normal at this time of year during next 3 days.


Some moisture is expected to persist over N,central Peninsula and even over central,East India during next 2 / 3 days.

Present W.D system has almost cleared out from N,N-W India. 

Mid level N-S trough to 25N along N-W India is expected to persist for 3 days, pushing moisture into central,E India http://ow.ly/i/47jYY 
Moisture continue to persist along S,coastal Tamilnadu ... This has slightly raised the day and night temp.

#Chennai - A slightly warm morning, Nungambakkam = 24.7 C, IWM Polichalur station = 22.6 °C

Chance of light showers over S Tamilnadu during next 48hrs.

RT @pvvn4u: @weatherofindia 11 degree c in New Delhi. #Chill 12:23am