Thursday, October 09, 2014

HudHud - warning !!

HudHud - constantly tracking W-N-W and intensifying !

HudHud - 5:30pm, constant W-N-W movement and intensification observed ... 
HudHud - 5:30pm, scattered T showers has popped over many zones of Indian peninsula ...

HudHud, 5pm...
Pressure 973.4 mb
Winds now touching 150 kmph.
Position ... 

HudHud - ALL the models suggest a landfall along N-E Andhra coast and S Odisha coast on night, 12-Oct ... 

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Tirunelveli - 2pm, Thunder cell seen over east. #weather

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#chennai - 11:44am, heavy rain now over Greams road, Nungambakkam. Slowly moving south. #weather

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Today again, more T Showers for W-ghats,W,S-W Maharastra, W-ghats, central, S Karnataka, N,N-W,central,S, W-ghats Tamilnadu, W-ghats Kerala.

HudHud - Intensifies further and moved W-N-W

Analysis indicate that Cyclone HudHud has moved W-N-W during past 12hrs and intensified further.
Present position is 13.48 N , 88.54 E.
Pressure around 980 mb.

Wind gust upto 135 kmph around centre.
Wind analysis suggest a wide centre with more than 60 kmph.

8:30am, Satellite IR suggests heavy convective activity along centre, S, S-W,S-E quadrants and over N-W outer bands.

Most of the models suggest a further intensification into Severe Cyclone and continue to track W-N-W and make landfall along N-E Andhra coast and S Odisha coast on 12-Oct.

Present upper-level W.D trough is expected to cross N,N-W kashmir in next 36hrs and its trough can be seen upto 31 / 32 N so less affect on the Cyclone HudHud.
Meanwhile, another upper-level W.D circulation and trough is expected to reach N,N-W India on 13-Oct, this system can interact with the remnant of Cyclone over land !!

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Tirunelveli - 8:25am, less rain recorded during past 10 days! Its mild now. #weather

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