Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IMD daily forecast

IMD on "Nargis"

Morning’s Cyclonic Storm “Nargis” over southwest and adjoining southeast and west-central Bay of Bengal near Lat. 13.00 N and Long 85.50 E, about 550 Km east of Chennai, remained practically stationary and intensified into Severe Cyclonic Storm at 1430 hours IST of today afternoon, the 28th April 2008. The current meteorological analysis and Numerical Weather Prediction models suggest that the system is likely to intensify further and move in a northwesterly direction slowly for some more time. Thereafter, it is likely to recurve and move northeastwards.

TC - 01B "Nargis"

Now the tropical cyclone is given a name... "Nargis"
Take a look at the latest position and it's predicted movement.

In chennai though, it's HOT, very humid and high cloud cover. The high cloud cover is due to the outer ring of the cyclone.
Chennai is clear from it's threat.
According to the JWTC and some numeric forecast, the cyclone was predicted days before that it won't hit Chennai OR even any part of India.