Friday, January 03, 2014

Synoptic Situation as on Friday 3rd Evening and Outlook for Weekend, 4th/5th Jan:

1. A UAC formed in the upper trough over Gujarat will descend to lower levels and move nto a NE trough around  MP and UP. 
Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th, the resultant effect will be light rains in Northern MP in Guna, Satna, Rewa and Gwalior regions and adjoining UP regions of Hamirpur, Jhansi and Kanpur. 
Delhi NCR will have some scattered clouds on the weekend...specially Saturday. Will keep the day around 19/20c and nights around 7/8c.
Cold conditions prevail in Rajasthan and Punjab, with near 0c temps.

2. Western Disturbance J-1 will move into Pakistan from the West on 7th January. Before that, rains expected in Dubai and Muscat on Monday/Tuesday

3. The Well Marked Low area in te Southern Bay will deepen and intensify (BB-1),and weaken. Heavy rains over Sri Lanka and Southern TN regions on the weekend. BB-1 will move into Thanjavur region and weaken. Rainfall in southern TN and isolated in TN. Chennai will be cloudy with some occasional showers on the weekend.
Bangalore will be partly cloudy, with very light drizzles in some parts, with a temperature range of 27-16c.
from Vagaries

90B - Rain ahead for Tamilnadu.

90B is still weak and lying over S-W Bay East of Srilanka coast, position is around 8N, 84.5E... 

5:30pm, Satellite IR shows ... Deep convective activity over N,N-E quadrants of 90B ... 

5:30pm, wind analysis of 90B shows weak nature of the system and its current position... 

Showers expected along N,central,S-E coast of Tamilnadu from morning tomorrow.
Scattered Moderate, Heavy showers expected along central,S-E Tamilnadu coast on Sunday, 6,7,8-Jan.
#Chennai - Scattered Showers also expected for city, suburbs from tomorrow morning till 7-Jan !!
 –0.4 degree Celcius, after 8 years in Ooty ... 

Rajasthan continue to be #COLD ... Churu (Rajasthan) records ­-2.7°C .

Most of N India is under COLD wave, towns and cities registering below normal day, night temps.
#Delhi = 5 C, Hissar = 2 C, Jaipur = 5 C.

A weak W.D is expected to affect Kashmir on 4,5-Jan.