Friday, October 14, 2011

9pm, Take a look at entire S-W peninsula. One will not be able to see such a pic even during good S-W Monsoon season ...
RT @shanpati: 3rd day in a row. Didnt take 15 min for sky to change its colour! Great thunder n rain! Have a pleasent night. Mumbai
As of today's models... the North East monsoon will start over Tamilnadu coast on 22/23-Oct.. and it'll be a weak current to start with.
Present heavy rain along S-W peninsula will reduce from today, but it may prolong till 18-Oct as scattered T.showers..
On 17-Oct, Present S-E Arabian sea circulation will move W-N-W and E.central Bay will have a strong circulation..
COLA model expects the the Tamilnadu coast circulation to persist for another 2 days..
Yesterday's circulation along central Tamilnadu coast still persists, meanwhile S-E Arabian sea has an UAC as well.
RT @1prad: @weatherofindia intense rain with heavy thunderstorms in madurai yesterday(13-Oct) weather.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.50am, Surprise! overcast sky.. but clouds are not intense.. will it rain????
Maximum temperatures were above normal by 2 to ­5 deg C over many parts of northeastern states
Chennai - polichalur.pammal zones just now 10:50am got a small sharp shower
Chennai - isolated sharp shower over s-s-w suburbs of city 10:50am