Monday, October 07, 2013

What's up for #India before the Cyclone brews over E-S-E Bay

In 48hrs, present circulation over E,S-E Madhyapradesh is expected to weaken and drift S-W into N,N-E Maharastra .. 

Before evening of Tuesday, Showers expected over S Odisha, S,Central,N-E Andhra, E,S-E Madhyapradesh.
More showers ahead for S,S-W Bengal before tomorrow evening !
Tuesday evening can witness some showers for central, W Madhyapradesh as well.
E,S-E Gujarat can witness more rain before evening of Wednesday !
During next 48hrs, T showers expected for S Karnataka, N,N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai and S Andhra.
During next 2 days, central, W Ghats of Kerala to get some T showers.
Central, central coast Tamilnadu also in for T showers on evening of 8,9-Oct.
#Bangalore can expect moderate rain on evening, late-evening of Tuesday and Wednesday.

"90W" - Is it going to become a Severe Cyclone ?

The circulation "90W" has now entered into E-S-E Bay (Andaman sea) ... 

9pm, IR of "90W" shows Good convective activity over it's S,S-W,W quadrant ... 

Here's the latest position of "90W" - Just entered into Andaman Sea.... pressure around 1008mb ... 

Latest GFS model expects "90W" to become a Depression by evening of 9-Oct, even before exiting Andaman sea. Initially expected to move W-N-W
Almost ALL models are expecting a Odisha coast landfall as "Severe Cyclone" . Here's the GFS model for 12-Oct.. 

NCMRWF model also predicts a Odisha coast landfall as "Severe Cyclone" ... 

NAVGEM model also predicts a Odisha coast landfall on 13/14-Oct ... 

8pm, Heavy T showers S Gujarat, E,S-E madhyapradesh, S,central Chatisgarh, central Andhra, central,N-E Odisha .. 
8pm, T Showers also seen over S, N-central Karnataka, central, N-E Tamilnadu and S,S-W Bengal ..
8pm, We can clearly see a GOOD circulation taking shape over E-S-E Bay (over Andaman sea) ...

#Chennai rain alert at 8:10pm

#Chennai - ALERT - 8:10pm, a HEAVY Thunder storm is now drifting towards city from W-N-W. Now over Arakkonam zone (65km from city)

~~ update at 9:20pm ~~
#Chennai - 9:15pm, the approaching T shower has now split into 2 systems, one over N-W (at 65km) and another over W-S-W (at 45km).

#Chennai - had another #HOT and Humid day... with a temperature max of 34.8 C. Towards sunset T cells visible over W-N-W.

#Chennai - 7:20pm, a line of HEAVY T Showers seen over W-N-W from city at around 80 to 200km. Present movement is towards N-E.

Medinipur - 6:24pm, "Thunder storm"

#Kolkata - 2:30pm, DumDum zone got HEAVY T showers and its still (7:30pm) raining !

#Bangalore - 5:20pm, "Cloudy"

Chennai - 11:30pm, rain seen over W-N-W, N-W at around 100 to 200km