Saturday, November 08, 2014

Chennai - 10:25pm, now T showers are very near to Sriharikota coast. 70km NE from city. Rain may push into city around morning.

05B - LOW, T showers seen near S Andhra coast, Chennai.

05B now as a LOW pressure area is nearing to S Andhra coast... 

7pm, #Chennai RADAR shows the T showers due to the 05B - LOW near coast.
T showers over N-E, E-N-E from city.. 
Showers expected to push into S, S-central-coast Andhra and even into Chennai by Sunday, Morning !

Moderate rain expected along S,S-central,central coast of Andhra, Chennai and N-coast Tamilnadu after morning, 9-Nov 

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4:52pm, a good looking sunset photo sent by a friend in kabarwala, S Punjab. #weather

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The moon.. Captured on 6th November, by a friend from Mysore, India. #weather

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05B - LOW moving towards central coast of Andhra

During past 18hrs, the system has tracked W, W-N-W and weakened to just a LOW, pressure around 1008mb.
8:30am, visible shows the almost fully exposed center of the system with moderate/ light convective activity seen over W,N-W,N quadrants.

Present position is 14.70N , 86.4E.

Models suggest a landfall as a LOW along S-central coast of Andhra on Sunday mid-night.
By Sunday morning, another LOW pressure system tracked as 99W will enter into S-E corner of Bay (Andaman sea).
At present, this system (99W) is expected to become a Cyclone and track west intially for 2 days !

On Sunday, evening,night into Monday mid-morning, moderate rain expected along S,central coast Andhra.
During this time, light/ moderate rain also expected for Chennai, N-coast Tamilnadu.
On 10-Nov, Scattered T showers expected over S,S-W, N,N-E Tamilnadu, S,central Andhra.
On 11-Nov, showers expected along N,central coast Tamilnadu and Chennai.

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Chennai - 7:41am, Cold breeze hurdiling fresh saturday. Happy morning @ pallavaram . #weather

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6am, near Tirunelveli, mild and foggy. No rain for past 3 days. #weather

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