Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Today is 8th Feb, most of S,S-central Peninsula has picked up heat .. Thrissur and Palakad of #Kerala has registered 36.7 and 36.6 C.. 

But, night and morning temps over SW-coast, #Tamilnadu and SE-coast of #India to be below normal during next 3 days ... 

For N,NW,central and East India the night, morning temps are going to be normal or slightly above normal during next 3 days. Upper reaches of #Kashmir to have extreme COLD conditions during next 3 days !

Today morning temperature observation shows, 
Chandigarh 12 C (5 C above normal)
#Delhi (normal)
Shimla (+8C)
Lucknow (-1C) 

At present a weak westerly trough is marching East over NW,N-central #India .. it'll fizzle out in 24hrs... 
During next 24hrs, Snow will persist over upper-reaches of Uttarakhand, Himachal and Kashmir.
And Cloudiness over N Madhyapradesh, S,central UP ... 

No W.D system to affect N,NW,N-central India from 9th to 13th Feb !
A weak easterlies is expected to affect #Tamilnadu coast on 14-Feb.
It'll be mostly below Pondicherry latitude !