Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sharp rain @Tambaram,Chennai ....9.25PM..
Due to Bay LOW moving in tomorrow, Heavy rain expected for most of Odisha, N,N-E.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh, E.Maharastra.. 

Scattered rain expected to persist for Jharkand and parts of S,central Bengal, Heavy over N.Bengal on 23,24-Jun.

Monday, HEAVY and widespread rain expected for central,N,E.Maharastra and push into S,S-E.Madhyapradesh, Chatisgarh 

Till 25-Jun, Heavy rain to continue over Kerala and scattered along Karnataka coast.

COLA, WRF models suggests NO spike in rains along N,central Maharastra coast, S,S-E Gujarat coast and #Mumbai for next 3 days !
Today, the N.Bay circulation is very well established from Low to upper levels in height ... 

In next 24hrs, the LOW pressure will get marked along S.Bengal, N.Odisha coast .. expected to enter land thru N.Odisha coast on 23-Jun.

On 23-Jun (tomorrow), evening, the circulation and LOW will enter into N.Odisha ... 

Upper level circulation at 500hpa is slightly tilted S-S-W and expected to push inland thru central,S.Odisha coast.. 

When the Bay circulation drives inland on 23-Jun, a weak circulation is expected near central Maharastra coast ...

The Bay LOW and circulation is expected to drive towards #Delhi from 24-Jun.. but the system may not reach #Delhi !
RT @axpn: It is raining steadily 4.30pm South Bangalore @weatherofindia 

4:30pm, Good sea breeze has set in now. Showers seen S-W from city around 80/90 km, near Kanchipuram, Arani, Wallajapet.
#Kolkata - 2:55pm, "raining here in kolkata and dum dum ,severe thunderstorm in barrackpur region" ... 

#Delhi - #HOT ...  40.2 C at 2:30 pm
#Chennai - 3.17pm - Touched 39.9c .. #HOT
Davangere - 2:25pm, "light showers happening,after a week! "

RT @sanjeevnaique: @weatherofindia its hot n sunny here in #Margao in. #Goa . No sign  of rain today. Its sweating @naikap (2:28pm)

#Chennai - 2:10pm, #HOT at 37 C, Less humidity at around 35% with Breeze from W-N-W.

Today and next 24hrs, sharp showers expected along S,central Andhra coast, N,central Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai ... 

#Chennai - expected to be #HOT at around 37 C for next 3 days, chance of high cloud cover, Small chance of evening shower on 23,24,25-Jun.

Some WET places in Tamilnadu, 1-Jun-2013 to 20-Jun-2013 (stats)

Rainfall record from 1-Jun-2013 to 20-Jun-2013 for Tamilnadu

Sholayar – 1006 mm
Devala – 830 mm
Avalanche – 801 mm
Valparai - 785 mm
Upper Bhavani – 726 mm
Chinna Kallar – 650 mm
Upper Kodayar – 650 mm
Parsons Valley – 522 mm
Pechiparai – 331 mm
Naduvattam – 310 mm 
Papanasam – 253 mm
Nature’s Fury In Uttarakhand – Devastation Beyond Comprehension (Analysis) ... 

1pm, Heavy rain seen all along Kerala, S.tip of Tamilnadu and S,central coast of Karnataka ... 

Rainfall map of 21-Jun (3:30am, 21-Jun to 3:30am, 22-Jun) ... 
1pm, Heavy rain seen over S.Bengal, Odisha coast. Fresh rain over Bihar as well...

#HOT at 1:30pm, Amristar, #Delhi = 39 C, Jaipur, Varanasi = 37 C, Lucknow, Patna = 36 C.

#Kolkata - airport has reported "Rain with thunder storm" at 1:50pm.